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  • Pretty sure I've had heavier farts than the 15g discrepancy.

  • Yes, that is the manufacturers' listed weight, given on the Rab website. That looks like a decent price. There is a closable vent tube on the hidden side of the photograph which has a midge netting panel and allows one to take a peak at what's happening outside.

  • having a clearout for a bootsale yesterday I stumbled across my garmin fortrex 401 I bought when I got into doing ultras. used it once on a race when I DNF early on due to injury and then swapped to using my £350 garmin watch instead so it's basically still new.

    is very basic navigation style but runs on AA batteries which I believe made it popular in the forces for hitting waypoints on manoeuvres etc (but i may be talking out of my arse there). I'd recommend doing some research on intended use and suitability of features first but I thought may be exactly what someone on here might need.

    I paid £140 for it, anyone interested for £80 posted? comes in original packaging with cable and strap extender.

  • Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX UK 10.5

    I bought these from eBay. One lace hook is broken which is fine as you can double lace around the hook above and it doesn't seem to affect anything (you could probably get a replacement hook fitted quite cheaply too) however, even though these are my size UK 10.5, they're just a bit too tight in the toe box for me with a mid weight Bridgedale hiking sock. Reckon if you're a UK 10 these will be spot on.

    Loads of life left in the sole, and great condition overall. Gore Tex lining. They weigh approx 700g per boot, which is loads less than my Meindl!

    Would like to get my money back if possible, so wondered if there was any interest at £40 posted?

    P. S. I've cleaned and treated with Nik Wax waterproofing cream
    P. P. S I'm going to bite the bullet and buy new, I rate them!

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  • I'm about to embark down the rabbit hole of replacing my climbing shoes after my five tens are worn out.

    Thinking of going for Scarpa Vapour V, has anyone experience with those?

    Tempted to go for solutions or futuras this time but my fitness has dropped off a bit and i think they write a cheque i probably can't cash at the moment

  • You probably know this, but you might consider going for what fits nicely. I don’t worry too much about what brand or model as long as they fit and are comfy (as much as climbing shoes can be), so try stuff on as much as is possible. Shoes are not the limiting factor in my climbing either!

  • ^ I think this is good advice for any climbing or mountaineering equipment.

    Or at least that's how I justify £450 pairs of boots and lightweight ropes etc. For me it's all about what works and is comfortable (to lug around for a week). If the most comfortable item that works is the cheapest, then that's fine too.

  • You should try some Unparallel models if you got on with 5 ten. I've got the TN Pro which is a really good shoe. Coming from Otakis which I also really liked, the Unparallel rubber really was surprisingly good.
    But agree with above, get what fits.

  • I never got on with my five tens really, they never fit my arches that well and I always had no confidence on small foot holds. I guess the problem is because I never felt like they really fit, I don’t know how to define what a good fit is if that makes sense?

    I am sort of stuck with a scarpa or la sportiva shoe as that’s basically what’s available locally.

    I looked at vapour V because they seem like a sensible moderately aggressive shoe for an intermediate boulderer like me. I guess an alternative would be a miura but I can’t find a pair to try on.

    I tried on a 43 vapour V which felt decent as far as I could tell, no dead space in the shoe and no hideous discomfort really.
    I could probably get into the 42.5 to make the heels a bit more snug and cover off any stretching but I’d be risking them being too small as I’ll have to order them from overseas

  • Go for the 43s then if snug and no dead space. Vapour V is a nice shoe. Instinct VS is similar but better imo.

  • Cool, that's actually good to hear because Instinct VS / VSR are the shoes on my list.

    Do you find the sizing the same on the instinct to the vapour?

  • Yes, Scarpa sizing is very consistent over the whole range.

    The VSR is also great but the softer xs grip rubber wears pretty fast compared to the xs edge of the VS.

    I think I've had my first pair of VS's resoled 5 times before they were completely worn

  • Interesting, i was tempted to get the softer shoe (I liked LS Futuras over the Solution when i tried them at a demo day) but maybe the longevity is something to consider.

    I do find the VSR more aesthetically pleasing though

  • If you take the VSR if you have worn through the soft rubber you can always replace it with a harder sole or a thicker slab of soft rubber if you don't like the longevity 👍

  • Yeah true. There is only one guy who does resoling in NZ though so he may not have a huge choice of rubber!

  • In the end i went for the normal VS - I think i prioritise edging over smearing and volumes so the VS is (hopefully) the better choice

  • Now that C19 regulations are relaxed it's good to be back at the £4 a night Club Hut.

    Can't even camp for that price!

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  • I got my VS's in the post today (Yay)

    Now to start the break-in journey (Boo)

  • Amazing -

    Windermere climber completes 83 ascents in two months - BBC News.

  • Pretty crazy, a lot of rope solo too. Very impressive

  • Anyone watched The Last Mountain on iplayer? Well worth a watch

  • Yeah, I got quite emotional watching that

  • unless I decide I fancy the Camino de Santiago.

    Just got back from doing the Camino Portugues, from Porto to Santiago. 12 days. Was a privilege to do it in a mild winter, with no competition for beds in the albergues.

    Bit nippy some nights though.

    Plus, the graffiti told no lies when it read “Galicia is not Spain”.

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Hiking, Scrambling, Mountaineering, and Climbing

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