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  • IIRC the cheap la sportiva shoes have budget rubber on them. It’ll probably last longer but it won’t perform as well. But they are pretty cheap. And for a first pair of shoes it probably doesn’t matter too much.

  • You'll probably tear up the rubber on your first pair of shoes pretty quickly as you improve on technique. I'd go for a decent rubber thickness over fancy compound. Especially as fit and improving technique will probably matter more than rubber compound to start.

  • Thanks for the advice all, looks like I've opened Pandora's box...

    I suppose my feet are wide but not extremely so. I will definitely not be sizing down much if at all at this stage as shoe performance is absolutely not going to be the thing limiting me. Probably after something fairly comfortable and relatively cheap.

    From what you've all said, the Tarantulace looks like a good bet for about £50. Think I'll order 4 sizes (!) and return whatever doesn't fit

  • If you can get to a climbing wall tomorrow (or wait until they reopen) I would do that, most of them have a decent range of shoes, and Vauxwall let me try some on yesterday. You need to really try a few different brands and see what fits the shape of your foot, would say thats a better tactic than picking one model in various sizes. Plus you support local climbing walls (which will have to shut again for a month...)

  • Thanks, guess I can call up and ask them if I'm allowed to try stuff on

  • I'd delay any purchases until you're able to try some on, and test them on a wall. And do it once you've warmed up, and your toes are toasty! Find something that's comfortable, closely fitted and makes you want to climb.

    Made a terrible error many moons ago trying shoes with cold feet... and 4 weeks later replacing them with a size up.

    As for recommendations: everyone finds what they love - it very much boils down to a personal preference in the end. For instance, I love muiras. despite the laces. despite the hard rubber. the folks I climb with all swear by Dragons despite wearing through them in weeks.

  • I'd second the point about not trying shoes on with cold feet as well! Bought a pair of shoes first thing on a cold(ish) morning a couple of months ago; they later turned out to be so ill-fitting when my feet were warm as to be unwearable.

  • Also warm the shoes up too. If my shoes are cold they are unbearable, but walking around on the heels a bit warms them up soon enough.

  • Has anybody got a worn out single rope that is otherwise destined for the bin?

    Looking for something to

    a) idly practice knots on while watch telly while the dog chews the other end

    b) make a couple of dog leads.

  • Sorry, used mine to make dog leads :)

  • b) make a couple of dog leads.

    Tempting but don't want to go Full Crusty.

  • Please can somebody point me in the direction of some fashionable walking trousers i.e. not too wide in the leg?

  • Have a look at the Rab Kinetic Alpine trousers. Montane do similar, which I have but fancy those Rab

  • Moutain Equipment Ibex.

  • I know people aren't doing much walking because of winter/lockdown but I thought I'd try here before classifieds: I've got a pair of Meindl Burma boots that I've never worn outside for sale.


    They're size 10, which for Meindl is 44.5 - nothing wrong with them, but they were just a bit too small for me but I'd waited too long to return them. I've only worn them around the house to try and get used to them but eventually I conceded they were too small and bought the next size up. They've been in a cupboard for a couple of years and I don't have the box.

    Would anyone be interested for £100 posted?

    In order for this to not be just an ad, here's a couple of pics from Ben More (Mull) from September, just before the Scottish lockdown started, and Beinn Narnain in the mist in early October.

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  • Moutain Equipment Ibex.

    Yes! Also high quality shizzle

  • Thanks for the tips. I went for some Revolution Race in the end. A mate sent me a 25% discount code and said he’d been quite impressed with his.

    We’re walking the Coast to Coast next year so expect loads more questions.

  • You can probably find this at a local gym that has lots of top ropes set-up. This is pretty common in the NL, not sure about UK.

  • How did you find the foot fitter?

  • There are a few about with some googling. But I went to Cotswold camping in Betws y Coed. They had (not sure if it's still the case) a couple of guys who were incredibly knowledgeable and spent a lot of time with me. I think it was around an hour and a half working through my foot shape, suitable options, intended use etc.

    I have heard that Whalley warm and dry are very good, they are South lakes, and have sorted out my cousin and his very narrow feet.

  • Another request for trousers reccomendations from me but from the budget end. Need to be something that'll keep me warm on 2 hours winter walks on the coast as opposed to hiking up Scarfell Pike.

  • I swear by these for winter UK use. Don't be put off by the fact they are pitched at alpinists.


    Edit: If its really cold and windy I'd consider a base layer. They suit me fine down to about -5 without a base layer no problem but I do run hot.

  • Paid to climb (sort of). Is this of any interest to anyone?


  • Merino long johns under most things?

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Hiking, Scrambling, Mountaineering, and Climbing

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