Anyone still riding fixed in Liverpool?

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  • So, I'm moving to Liverpool next month. Does anyone still ride fixed there, or am I going to be skidding all alone?



  • i think it's more or less dead, but there is couple of riders who are out sometimes

  • I've been here for a month now. Ive seen one fixie rider apart from myself but he didn't seem to into it. Give me a shout if you get lonely bro

  • PMed you, if you're still around...

  • Why would riding fixed suddenly go out? Just curious...

    Does everyone want to be Chris Froome now or something?

  • I ride both road and fixed

  • If you fancy a spin drop me a p.m and will sort it out, open invite to anyone in and around Liverpool, cheers Jim

  • Ive just got back from work on my single speed. I work in the main hospital in the city and always looks at the bike racks in the hospital and the university next door- about maybe one in ten-ish bikes has just the one cog. So there are loads of us in the city - P

  • Yeah commute out to Kirkby and see two blokes on fixed gears, one on a titanium thing, one on a langster which he has resprayed in a nice grey, plenty about just don't think anyone's really that interested in the social thing round here

  • See plenty dotted about town, especially over the baltic triangle. Even seen a few around my way in Knowsley but that might be down to the velodrome

  • Wondering if I've passed you, what do you rise? Normally on the A580 by the copper pot around 6.45a.m and 5. 30p.m, be good to see a friendly face on my commute

  • Jimmythegrin, I pass "The COPPERPOT" from "The SHOWCASE" most mornings (Mon to Fri) between 0645-0700 (depending on the amount of alcohol consumed the previous night) before breaking right towards Huyton. The return (depends on the weather) at about 1615-1645. Gunmetal On-One Pompino. Give me a wave. I'll be the one gasping for breath.

  • Not Liverpool but shitport.

    Normally out towards parbold/eccleston/burscough on my trying to be less fat training loop.

    Back on fixed after few years of surgeries. Riding a black se draft light

  • Ha, both going same direction at around the same time, I get on at the suites hotel junction to copper pot coming from valley Rd, I'll keep eye out, I'm on a gunmetal pre cursa, nice one gives me hope

  • Shitport, is that Southport, originally from Crossens and glad don't live there no more, don't really get out on train/leisure rides, two kids, bills house needs sorting etc, sometimes blast through Formby /Ainsdale nature reserve for fun, keep my eyes out, hopefully see you out there mate

  • That must of been you down ribblers, only spotted the bike as you past, will wave next time mate, I got a puncture :-(

  • Yeah, got it in 1 ­čśé
    I'm only here cos my kids are. Can you tell I'm not keen on the place.

    I got wrecked in a motorbike crash, the riding is basically rebuilding myself after the ops.

    Grew up ripping formby woods on anything with wheels.

    You won't miss me, 20st with a massive beard ­čľĺ

  • Still out here shreddin

  • Where is good to eat in Liverpool? Cheap but decent quality...

  • Egg cafe , its the go to place just not on your bike where ryde will feed you if you are . Or the place on exchange street round the side of moorfields station.
    Lucy in de sky.

  • Went to the egg, good food and inexpensive, family of four with drinks ┬ú25, very nice

  • May of been in there today at the same time . Cheesy garlic bread half rice half salad. Winner

  • Ha, we where there around 5ish

  • holy thread reserection.... I'll be moving up to Liverpool soon, are bikes still a thing?

  • They certainly are. But not so much in lockdown.

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Anyone still riding fixed in Liverpool?

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