This morning's commute (the 'ugh' edition)

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  • Today was the first day I wore shorts this year. As a result, on my commute to work (which is just 4 miles) I got honked at by 3 van drivers shouting obscenities. Living up to and consolidating white van man stereotypes, ugh.

  • ^ gross, kati! hope you're okay. i too wore shorts for the first time this year a couple of days ago and though i had dark tights on, the tattoos still invited something to be yelled from a van passing in the other direction. thankfully i didn't quite catch it though.

    also @Doctor_Cake - quite the haul!

  • i like the last line of this:

    "But the real win is the cultural shift this signals – women won’t accept this behaviour as routine any more, and neither will the authorities."

    it's still a total landmine as to whether telling someone to fuck off (post "give us a ride, darl"/similar comment) will escalate or they'll call you a greasy slag and speed off, but it's good to not feel so isolated. it's been really nice to have this thread to post in, even if i secretly die a bit inside when i see someone else has commented with their experiences. always reminds me of this which i'm sure was mentioned before:

  • I just walked past three scumbags standing around on Red Lion Street wolf whistling and shouting "go on girl" at women on the street.

    Is this common? I have only really witnessed this from people in cars who promptly fuck off before anyone can call them out.

    I never know what, as a man and a bystander, to do in situations like this if the women involved don't confront them. It makes me so angry and I want to call them out but at the end of the day it's not really my fight.

  • Edited. Posted in the wrong place. As you were.

  • Creepy moped guy at mile 12 of my 14 mile commute the other day (I was doing so well) told me I was a 'beautiful piece of art' along with some other vile comments, to which I gave him the middle finger and accelerated off. He followed me into a turning that I didn't need to take, caught up and told me that I was ungrateful for not taking it as a compliment. UGH, FUCK OFF.

    COMPLIMENT?! UNWANTED, VILE, PISS OFF. Wish there had been some more people around!

    Rant over, thanks super thread.

  • @spiderpie It is shocking to us men when one catches other men being so brazenly abusive like that. I don't know if you're a bloke but I guess you are as you say 'it's not my fight'. I think it is we men's fight to intervene when we hear other men harrassing women.

    My technique is either to pretend they're harrassing me and sarcastically enjoying it as (in my experience) these guys don't like people thinking they're gay.

    Or just repeat what they said or other 'cooee hello gorgeous' stuff at them to make them objectified.

    I'm gonna get a pasting sometime probably. But I think it is worth interrupting this behaviour in some way.

  • One of my friends was harassed and assaulted on the tube on Sunday morning, and she said even though she was telling the guy loudly to stop (and his mates who were egging him on), no one stood up for her, and that made her feel even worse.

    It's very difficult putting yourself out there, but my personal feeling is that if I were in that situation, I'd appreciate some backup. I'd like to think that if I felt I was handling it myself, I could easily say to the bystander, "thanks for your support, but I've got this one".

  • Love it!

  • Riding up a lengthy hill and a car appears and slows down to match my pace. So there's a convertible with four guys in it, all of them staring and commenting (also the guy in wheel). The fuck, they really don't think that's creepy as hell?

  • exciting times! for those of you who went to the women and gender variant anti street harassment workshop at diy space for london, i'm running the same thing at spin LDN on Saturday. huffpo have been in touch to say they'd love to cover it. if you can contribute with a testimonial or have anything to say - 's forward me your email so i can pass on. today if possible. thanks and hopefully see you tomorrow!

  • Stopped at a level crossing yesterday I filtered to the front where a hatchback with four lads(LADSLADSLADSLADS) had pulled right into the yellow box, this begun their annoyance and muffled jeering through the car, i didn't turn round but as soon as the guy came to open the gate from the moment it started opening they started yelling "hurry up love" over and over, out the window. thankfully, there is a choke point bridge which i can filter through and they can't, so I managed to have a sprint up the hill and drop them pretty easily never to be seen again. (so i guess this is a victory story?!?!)

  • Cold, little rainy. Fitted a new chainring last night, bringing me up from 44x19 to 48x19. Faster and not too bad on the wee climb on the way in.

    Got carved up by a full gear roadie hitting the pavement, and an attempted wheelsuck by a guy on a foldy bike. Anyone else notice that if you're wearing a dress, guys on bikes want to speed past you as fast as possible?

    Looking forward to the ride home already though 66.5/100

  • ^This^. So much. I've noticed it pretty hard on Tumblr - following a bunch of cycling blogs and then gradually unfollowing them all as they continue to post glamour model shots that happen to have bikes in them. It's no wonder there's no girl cyclist scene on there.

  • Just spotted this on my Facebook timeline and wanted to share/ highlight to everyone.

    Take care around there!

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  • so ludicrous. thanks hannah & stay safe pals!


  • Flip! That's really worrying.^^

  • I don't expect that lack of posting here recently is any evidence of improvement, but I thought I'd put this here:­/2017/apr/17/what-i-have-learned-from-fi­ve-years-of-everyday-sexism

  • Here's a good one for you all! Just wondering if anyone else gets the 'tit-stare of death' when wearing a messenger back that cuts through the middle of your chest? Seriously, a rucksack isn't comfy for me, but I wear a bag and all I get is staring and, in the case of one charming motorist, a shout of "lovely jubblies". Always makes me want to reach for my D-lock...

  • @RunRabbitRun Ha! I can't help but notice my own jubblies when wearing a messenger bag. Except when one lady had a rather see through lycra, enabling myself and my partner to witness her I kid you not heart patterned underwear.

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This morning's commute (the 'ugh' edition)

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