Vintage wonderland on the budget - Ferdy Kübler Champion du Monde

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  • do you also love when it comes loose under your hands?

  • I've done it o my Benotto tape on the Moser and the cotton Newbauns on the Holdsworth (that I ride every single day for two hours) and it hasn't come loose at all.
    Neither of them.

  • You can see here how I wrapped them and they haven't moved a single mm (which is the reason why I love it)

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  • maybe it ain't too bad with benotto tape, even though some finishing tape at the top might have helped even out the jump in diameter on your bar...
    but when it comes to cotton tape I would always go bottom to top when wrapping. OP's tape might unravel just by looking at it

  • True that Benotto is more 'sticky' and helps. I was actually worried re the cotton one, but it works awesomely!

  • Don't know why you think it would unravel so easily, looks a bit clumsy/thick due to the inner tube on the ramps and cork tape beneath the whole cotton tape (which is quite thick itself) - I think all this padding is unnecessary though so will remove at least the cork tape.
    My profound (pull as tight as it goes) wrapping technics developed while playing tennis for 7 years and untill now never had a bar tape unwrap on me!

    @anidel Grazie, sono a bastanza satisfato ance io! After climbing the San Luca hill (on 41x24t) and cooking the vintage rims on descent I think this will be kept at my home in Croatia for some nice flat Sunday rides. Will post some pics of the saddleroll once I get them!

  • Looks excellent.

    Well done. A really nice simple tidy up / restoration.

  • Cheers! You were right of the bar tape color.

    Here are some pics of the saddle roll, courtesy of Rosana from Double Trouble

  • <What is price of that Fredy if he is perfect original condition?

  • Mine is not for sale, no idea what it would be worth to a collector, but a nice vintage 531 frame and first generation Dura Ace (mine is a rather rare black version) 400-500 Euro? As a collectors item I guess it could be quite a bit more...

  • I have Ferd Kubler bike , first gen Dura Ace/Crane. I like to know more about frame..... do you know who made this frames? To me is much looking like french Mercier. Thanks-Kreso!

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Vintage wonderland on the budget - Ferdy Kübler Champion du Monde

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