Front rack suggestions

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  • Can you not lower it a bit using the other holes in the triangle bracket? It’s not far off fitting? A bit of bending of the fork crown bracket might help- I put mine in a vice to bend and it seems ok.

  • Also I should say I fitted a Pelago commuter front to my orange rx9 last night. Was braced for drama but actually only took an hour and one beer to get it sweet. Mounts on the rear facing mudguard drop outs. Not ideal long term but will do until a sonder Santiago with proper mounts appears in my garage

  • Other than a new fork/having braze on mounts added (which might be an option) What are my options if I want a rack/low riders on my pompetamine commuter bike. Steel disc fork, no mounts other than for mudguards.

    Currently use an carradice sqr slim on the seatpost, but may need to swap that for a child(seat) at some point in the future and thinking it would nice to spread the weight rather than use rear panniers

  • If I level the rack, the bottom right is touching the fork and the triangle mount another inch off fitting and the crown is like 3 inches off!

  • Tubus lm-1 bolt on mounts.

    Bottle cage bosses are like £10 drilled and brazed, rack things 5-10, just get 59 of those added!

  • Not wanting to bridge it, just adds too many levels / spaces it out further making an already long bike longer... (has to get round 90deg turn to garden and fits into the shed by a few cm!

  • Hello. I am trying to identify this front rack. Any idea on where I can buy it ? Thanks

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  • Hmm, looks like they come as standard on the donkey republic hire bikes?

  • Yes they do here in Paris. But no branding on it whatsoever and the compagny didn’t answered er my email ...

  • Anyone used the Racktime Topit front rack please? Looking for a narrower front rack than my current Spesh Pizza with mid fork mounts. The Topit looks good. My tyres are 29 x 2.2 so also unsure if need the newer Topit Evo or can use the older Topit, which is cheaper! Cheers

  • Just find out which type of security bolts are holding it on and erm, liberate it?

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Front rack suggestions

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