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  • Finally I could mount the front rack after I got this week the bolts from the reseller:

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  • The above looks neat, tidy job.

    Friends on a budget front rack ting, velo vitality of the metro porteur racks has 30% off sitewide.

    Regrettably, I have a rack, but no bike to place it upon. Hmm.

  • Definitely build a bike around said rack

  • I was scratching my head for a minute there wondering about your bike

    I have an old glued and screwed alan in exactly that colour but the tapered headset and fork were really confusing me

    After a bit of googling i have now learnt that ALAN still sell bikes

    Are they still the same company or did someone buy the name?

  • It is the son who runs the business now, ALAN even is the shortname ALberto ANna-Maria, the daughter. So the brand was named after the kids. I bought the frame from Alberto. Cool story, isn't it?

    You can order with custom geometry too, price is OK for Made in Italy. But it is interesting, since there are 1 or 2 other brands, with similar parts / tubes / dropouts / etc. For example 'Mason' had some frames a while ago which had similar parts, and I found another brand of which name I do not know anymore which were similar.

  • So...

    For the front of our kiddyback tandem I need a rack;

    I want to use our existing Thule basket so maybe just a simple surly rack would do..

    But I’m questioning whether having the option to add panniers would be worthwhile, we will probably have some trips/touring on this bike so it makes sense, don’t really want to add rear panniers but maybe some small ones in years to come..

    Any ideas? Surly nice ticks the boxes but it’s large... seen anything a bit smaller?

    Fork has crown, mid and dropout mounts

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  • Spesh Pizza Rack?

  • Thanks, I think that will have to be the one...

    And it’s got light mounting too which is ideal

  • Tubus grand expedition, otherwise Pelago racks also seem to be a forum favourite

  • Does anyone know of an alternative to this that isn't £20 for a bit of drilled steel?

    I'm looking to add a metro porteur rack to my arkose, and I think the fork flares out too much to use the axle mounted one (see picture). Has anyone had any experience with these racks mounting on the axle? I saw pages back someone had an issue but that was with mounting on a tab not on the axle.

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  • Does anyone run a Tubus Tara on the front of their Surly?

    I can't get it to fit the dropout eyelets, clear the QR and be level all at once.

    Looks like I need one of these spacers...

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  • Did you get it new? I think got those with my Tara (although there’s a chance they came with the rear rack). Needed them on my GdF to clear the QR too.

  • I was happy with it like this, it was a long time ago though. Maybe it'll help with eyelet config

  • Surly Nice is a great rack, we have one on our tandem. You can comfortably put a pair of full size panniers on with a load on top too.
    When you say it's large, do you mean volume-wise, or weight-wise? If the latter, it's on a tandem so who cares!

  • Volume/physical dimensions...

    It’s a kiddyback tandem so not a full
    Sized one!

  • Just replying with a feedback of my little front rack posted a couple of posts up: exactly what I was expecting worked so far, slamming bags onto the rack and fix them on the handlebar. Have no proper bag yet, mainly because I‘d like to have one with 15” laptop support.

  • Any recommendations for a low rider rack for a fork without mid fork mounts?

    Get any rack and buy a set of mounting points which go around the fork? Is that possible? Or get a specific rack with that system?

  • Again I'll disturb anyone here with a picture of another bag I've ridden to work on the small front rack today. I thought great idea, until it began to rain on the last 2 km. But I am so happy with the front rack option and to be able to slam anything onto it with those bungee cords, which were the 2nd cheapest option from Amazon.

    Main problem for my commute is the 15" laptop. A while ago I asked for example Swift Industries about a front rack bag which could fit a 15" laptop: attached are pictures with the cardboard being a 15" Macbook, in a large Ozette Rando bag, in case somebody is interested.

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  • Great to carry a front rack with a front rack!

  • .

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  • Just bought this - apparently a 9kg weight limit­-rack-front-black-472179.html

    Will report back.

  • Had this on my wishlist for a while, nice price. Interested to get info or pics.

  • Sorry for the delay, installed it last week and not got round to pictures.

    Overally, I'm really impressed. It's not shiny as in the pictures (doesn't bother me) and seems incredibly sturdy for it's size and weight. It weighs next to nothing and has completely transformed the front end of the bike.

    I zip tied a Wald Basket to it and it's night and day compared to the old legs.

    One thing I will note is that if you have a lot of space between wheel and fork crown you will struggle to mount it. I actually have bolted ours to a Fender Flute as it did not reach the fork crown.

    I'd also say the 9kg weight limit is pretty true too.

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Front rack suggestions

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