Front rack suggestions

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  • I used the Specialized Pizza Rack with P clips, comes to about £50 total.
    Working fine so far.

  • My intention is to keep cost properly low, otherwise I'm going to go all in and get a 24 pack I think

  • A mate has a 24 pack, so sturdy. So spenny.

  • Pelago til death imo (never used any other rack)

  • SO spenny, but I can't help feeling like it's the 1 tru front rack. I've wanted one since they surfaced.
    @Belagerent they're good but it'll be paired with tubus tara

  • I fucking love my 24 pack, though managed to bag one off here for cheap. Not sure I could face the full rrp.

  • Ordered one of those Metro Porteur racks. Should arrive soon. Plan is to put my tent and sleeping bag on it so I don't need to put everything on the rear rack again...

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  • Any tips installing the pelago front rack?
    It seems to interfere with the brake (pushing it not flat) and also the bottom of the headset. Do I need a different brake or should I be trying to bend it up then down?

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  • Silly me bought this super expensive thing with too short screw thread for my fork, which is as I heard a pretty normal problem – maybe that is the reason why is claimed to be super light because of saving 30 mm of thread – so I have now 2 options:

    • drill 8,5 mm in my carbon fork about 30 mm on the backside to make the hole bigger for a Shimano allen nut, now the hole is 6 mm, my body and stationary drill is ready
    • sell it

  • Bit late, you may have sorted this, but have you tried flipping it upside down so it passed underneath the brake then up to the bolt?

  • Going to try and bend it over! If not will try that, will need to change to a smaller tyre as not enough clearance at the moment.

  • Possible to use one of these?

  • That could also work – I have ordered now one of these, and will make hole from the backside of the fork bigger:

    Not so easy probably, to drill the hole now from ~ 6 mm to 8.5 or 9 mm, that it will stay centered. I think I'll take a piece of wood, drill that with the final size, and fix that then onto the fork, as a guide or template for the drill.

  • I would totally prefer to try an adapter of sorts (like @chiroshi suggests) before doing anything to carbon.

  • I am not 100% sure about it yet. I do not really understand how to use that adapter then? To keep the adapter in front of the fork / brake hole?

  • I believe that it works like this - it should be threaded the whole way through, so you essentially fit two bolts together and that long nut is your connector/extender. That way you securely bolt the adapter to the frame, and securely the adapter to the rack.

  • I see now, great idea – so basically create a thread where there is now no thread, cut or shorten it, and connect it in front of the fork. Thanks for that! Also another reason to get some new tools.

  • Now who wants to see my hole?

    I went with the drill option, and the allen nut fits - there was aluminum and not carbon, maybe 1 or 1,5mm carbon after the paint. Interesting.

    Next problem is that the screw of the brake doesn’t fit. Who invented that rack? OK, it is for vintage looking modern bikes, but making the thread longer and these holes bigger wouldn’t be that hard. Would be even 2g lighter with bigger ones.

  • I'm confused, does that fork have canti mounts? Which rack is it?

  • The fork has Canti mounts, the rack is a René Herse UD-2.

  • Looks like they're releasing one with a longer strut this year. Anyway, you should be using these bolts to mount to the canti bosses.

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  • Thanks! Ordered these bolts, they look short but let’s see - the length of the struts fits, interesting to see if this version has a longer thread for mounting on the fork.

  • I don't know where you ordered from, but I'd be miffed if they weren't included. They appear to be part of the complete product from the RH page.

  • I've ordered from a reseller in Germany, contacted him about the bolts, because as you said they should have been included in the set. I hope I didn't throw anything away, when unboxing.

    /Edit: will get from seller the bolts, yay. Thanks @Silly_Savage again, saved some money, owe you a beer or fresh juice.

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Front rack suggestions

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