Front rack suggestions

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  • Also - how stupid an idea is using a washing bowl for the front rack?

    Drainage when it rains?

  • Pop one of these in the bottom

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  • I've wondered the same - I have a Wald on its ordinary legs, not zip-tied to a rack, but I suppose you could use front panniers as well if the rack was suitable?

  • do you have it on a rack mount or on the wheel axle?

    i suppose being able to take the basket on and off? (if you have an endless supply of zip ties)

  • I have it on a single rack & mudguard mount on each side of the fork (with the mudguard stays) with a selection of washers and a very long bolt. I'd rather have it on a separate mount but it's been ok for a few years, with quite a lot of shopping and stuff in it. On another bike I've used p-clips to mount a front rack, which also seems pretty solid.

    Mounting the legs on the axle seems to me like an unnecessary layer of faff when you want to remove the wheel.

  • Does anyone know how much the Pizza Rack weighs?

    Also, would using a single pannier on the front make steering feel very weird, or would it be fine as long as you don't ride no hands?

  • Also, would using a single pannier on the front make steering feel very weird, or would it be fine as long as you don't ride no hands?

    I've done it, was a little odd but nothing calamitous. Most noticeable coming out of the saddle, but front loads can be weird then anyway.

    1. The rack is stiffer than the struts
    2. It looks better
    3. You don't have to have anything clamped to your bars
    4. You can easily cut it off if you need to strap something bigger than the basket onto the rack
    5. If you have something like a pizza rack you can run panniers too
  • On the other side of this divide, I had a surly nice rack which I tried with just one pannier. I found it annoying with light loads, and totally insufferably with anything heavy. Switched to a 24 pack rack and have been v happy with that set up.

  • I'm sold. Any tips on removing the handlebar bits of the wald? I tried levering with various screw drivers and had no luck.

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  • Dremel, but I just zip tie mine down, never know if you may want to use the basket on a bike that can't run a rack

  • Full bike pics?!

  • How do people remove the legs of the wald?
    I did it somehow in the past but can't figure out - do you press the pin out with a hammer??!

  • Huh? The legs unscrew, they're just bolted on...

  • this bit? I can't figure out how to split it

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  • oh that must be an old basket, all of the ones I've ever had were bolted on there. Drill it out I guess

  • Prise open with a screwdriver?

  • Pizza rack weighs ~ 850g

  • still a work in progress but here you go ... (it's a wee bike)

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  • Does anyone know if the Nimrod front rack is available anywhere? Not listed with Spa or SJS cycles, I bought one a few years ago and would like another for my commuter as no low rider mounts and don't want any clamps / P clips

  • Does anyone know where I can find a twin hole tab spacer that would allow me to offset a rack axle mounts in front of the fork drop out? I'd like to fit a rack to carbon fork that has a lot of flare at the drop out, by the time I've spaced it enough to clear the fork there's nothing left for the axle nut to grab safely.

    Obviously if I had access to a cutter and pillar drill I'd knock something up myself but buying something would be far simpler for me atm.

    Similar to how @Brucy mounted his at the axle

  • Is there an cheap front carrier rack solution for those without canti studs?

  • Velo vitality?

  • Which do you mean? I've had a browse around their site just now and can't see anything branded by them

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Front rack suggestions

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