Front rack suggestions

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  • @AlexD, second dibs then

  • I’ll keep you updated

  • Minoura Gamoh is a great shout for a budget Porteur rack and pretty bomb proof, only about £50z

  • Just bought one- looks like they are back in stock

  • I got one of the metro racks off a friend in a trade and fitted it the other day. Feels very nice and sturdy. Don't know why they seem to be the only option in the price range!

    Lack of locktite nuts is a bit of a peril though, and I don't know what to do with one of the brackets that came with it, but other than that, great!

  • Anyone here had experience with the Cane Creek Viscoset headset cup?­viscoset-review/

    Looks like an interesting addition for front-loaded bikes.

  • What are my options for a low profile low rider with a platform? I really like the Rivendell designed nitto but also like the the Pelago... I really want to avoid p clips and would prefer to modify my fork for direct mounting. Hope that makes sense...

  • What mounting points do you have?

    Where are you?

  • Few other options would be:

    Pass and stow
    Surly nice rack
    Tubus grand expedition (not out yet I think)

    I'd also think about fitting tubus duo lowriders and then have a separate, smaller platform rack like a nitto/rawland up top. Adds a bit of flexibility.

  • Varohna frameworks will be adding any mounts I need, I live a road down from them in hither Green

  • Thanks!

    Edit, I reeeeeeeeeeealy like the look of the Tubus.

  • Oh right - I misunderstood a bit... The specialized pizza rack has platform and can attach panniers but not lowrider. That said it's ~500g lighter than the Surly Nice front rack

    Like @pj2606 says getting a duo and a small platform would be more flexible, but also potentially lighter. Duo is <500g, Nitto M18 is 350g. That totals slightly less than the Specialized. Downside is more expensive, plus the platform isn't as wide

  • Just seen that Tubus is pretty light

  • Clever idea. Odd that they don't mention stack height as a con. Although I guess most bikepacking bikes aren't slammed stems. Either way its quite tall.

  • Looking to put a rack on my Pinnalce Arkose, ideally front rack with a box. Big enough to fit my laptop and general commuting odds and ends.

    I'd been eying up the Metro Porteur as seen above, but I've just seen it mounts on the traditional mudguard mounting point, which my forks don't have. They have mid fork mounts and thats it.

    Is there another front rack at a similar price point that could fit mid fork, or is it worth going for the metro and using p-clips?

    Also - how stupid an idea is using a washing bowl for the front rack? I assuming using a shit ton of zip ties would be sufficient. Trying to keep the cost down to see if I actually enjoy riding with a rack.

    Was thinking about a large wald 1392, but looks like it only clamps up to 25.4mm bars.

    Any advice welcome!

  • Pelago commuter ? Mounts to axle

  • Certainly would fit the bill, bit pricey comparatively though. Given Specialized Pizza Racks are ~£50 trying to keep it below that.

  • I picked one up used for £40 so you could keep your eye out for a 2nd hand .

  • Very true, will pop something up on the wanted thread

  • And you can’t use a pizza rack because....?

  • Is there another front rack at a similar price point that could fit mid fork

    They’re just rivnuts for holding mudguards. Not strong enough for a rack.

  • Bugger. So it's axle mount then.

    Also post actually measuring my bike - I think a front rack with a tray on top would interfere too much with the bars and shifters. Or I get flared drops.

    Or low ride and panniers? Why do my plans always end up being more expensive when I try to action them!

  • New bike is the only solution.

  • I'd be a big fat liar I'd I said I hadn't contemplated selling the arkose and getting a Brompton with one of those big front bags.

  • What's the advantage of having the wald ziptied to a front rack vs getting a wald with the mounting legs?

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Front rack suggestions

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