Front rack suggestions

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  • Cheers, that was it.
    Yeah, I think you're right @t0-ster ordered the bike-discount one.

    @MCamb thanks, but I don't live in the UK unfortunately.

  • Thanks @hamrack

    I'll have a go when I have the necessary time and patience . Think I need some more hollow spacers to make it work, and longer bolt. Any idea what such a spacer should be called?

  • Mmm, I tend to find those nuts on inner tubes work well. Or, the rollers from old bicycle chain (although they're not stainless so rust very easily). Otherwise just search for stainless steel spacers I guess!

  • Urgh - having a hard time utfs for this one. What are these called please? Where can I get them?

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  • They come as extra fitting pieces with Minoura Gamoh Porteurs.

  • Ahhh, ok. Cheers. I actually think I'm going to struggle to fit anything behind the nuts as I just noticed the axles are chopped right down to be track legal. P-clips it is!

  • Want to get get a new front rack to replace the bike24 canti mounted one I have. I crashed it and the bracket failed, Also want something that can take more weight. The Minoura Gamoh is only £40 on trendz, anyone got experience with them? I know people seem to rate the Pelago one which is double the price. Is it worth it?

    Also its going on my 26" muddy fox so worried it might sit quite high.

  • The Gamoh is an excellent sturdy rack. It’s heavier and less adjustable than the pelago and it can’t take panniers, but as a portuer rack it is truly excellent. V tough, mine has taken a real beating.

  • Thinking about to add a big front randonneur bag to the bike - but also want to run a fork mounted cable stop for the cantis.

    So fork has cantis bosses, low rider mounts and the crown is drilled. I don't need paniers.

    Are there any decent solutions/racks that would work in that setup, despite the cable hanger on the fork?

  • Anyone know anything more about this new rack from Tubus ?­ate-to-english-vorderradtraeger/tubus-pr­oduct/grand-expedition-front/

    Better than pizza ?

  • ooh, this looks good. like a better version of my blackburn outpost

  • but only available in black, no stainless :(

  • Very similar to the surly nice rack as well.

  • Looks pretty damn awesome!

  • So my Basil Portland has come apart after 18 months of abuse. It's a bit annoying but I have regularly exceed the maximum load so can't have too many complaints. Is the forum rack of choice still the pelago? Don't care how it looks but would like it to be as bomb proof as possible, also needs to mount on the axle bolt and be able to carry an ILE rack bag.

  • Looking for a cheap, relatively lightweight rack for commuting mainly with a bag of clothes. Like the SJS one you can attach to the canti posts and fork crown, but attached to the mid fork mounts instead of canti.

    Only found this so far:­ks/blb-front-rack-chrome/

    Fits the bill (assume can be run without the P clips) - but any options that aren't BLB?

  • Nitto M18 (what the BLB rack is copying) but it isn't exactly cheap.

  • The BLB rack is cheap tat (I have one) invest in Nitto, probably cheap on Planet X.

  • @hamrack @TM

    Cheers- yeah, £80 though.
    How bad is the BLB one? Flimsy and looking like it's going to break, or just not very nicely put together?

  • Flimsy, rusty, cheap... and the stays weren’t long enough to reach mid fork. If you’re paying retail for the BLB one then it’s really not worth it. Nitto stuff is different league and will last a lifetime. (I traded a used 5800 mech for mine - probably fair - wouldn’t pay for one)

  • Anyone set up the Pelago with wound up forks? Or any rack?

    With the drop out shape on the forks I’m not sure which attachment will work properly.

  • Wanting to switch things up with my carradice camper longflap and am looking for a pannier solution. Tubus duo + pannier of choice the way to go?

  • What fork? Tubus Duo for thru-mounts on forks, Tara for forks with only eyelets on the outside


    I think it's thru-mounts? Yet another thing I'm oblivious about :')

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Front rack suggestions

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