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  • Once i worked out how the bits go together it was a straightforward install. Probably took about 30 mins and no swearing. It was the second rack I ever installed after a minoura gamoh (also easy).. I’m surprised people have had issues.

  • I have a wald basket and I want to fit it to something sturdy so it can carry more weight. What's my best option? Bike is a brother big bro if that's relevant.

    Dunno if I'll want fit front pannier bags too but ummmm maybe.

  • Rack time top-it seems like a good shout if you're not set on panniers.

  • Lovely thanks. I guess everyone is ordering them from Germany because I don't see a UK supplier.

  • I've been using bike24 for quite a while. They were bought by CRC/Wiggle a while back, but prices are low and shipping to Denmark has always been without fault.

  • Anyone running a Surly 24 or 8 pack with one top strut?

    i.e. on a non-Surly fork.

  • I had a 24 pack rack with a medium weight rack bag (laptop, clothes, bike tools) and under no circumstances would I run that with a single strut. The first serious pothole would have warped the rack. And that was with 40cm tyres too.

    P-clips a good option? Or are you looking at something like a Lefty?

  • You realise I was referring to the top strut right? It is built with two for use with the dual fork crown eyelets a-la Surly forks.

  • Ah. Yes. Apologies. Failed to engage brain before keyboard.

    I would still run with both TBH. Those set screw based clamp things are really sensitive to clamping pressure; they have two settings, locked down completely and "oh look, they fell apart and are on the floor again." That was my experience at installation. A bit of redundancy on that connection would be prudent.

  • Problem is I don't have a Surly fork (don't have the rack yet either, but it looks like the best thing for my needs other than this) and hence no crown eyelets. I'd have to bodge a strut to threaded strut and bolt it through the crown brake hole. I suppose a better option might be some kind of two-to-one adapter, but it's another part to fail.

  • @spotter almost died at the hands of one of these racks. I would avoid like the plague, or loctite everything.

  • What bike is it for? I have a cross check fork on the shed I need to get around to selling...

  • O rly? I probably would loctite everything but thanks for the warning.

    @Aroogah it's a Vagabond


    This looks good and equates to around £30

  • Annoying that the struts aren't adjustable like a nitto or the rawlands rack. Good price though. Looks like it could use some cross struts.

  • Looks v long and I like my struts across rather than along - had issues with load rubbing on tyre with them along.

  • I reckon it would be safe enough. Mine's been very sturdy over a year of daily abuse. Just keep an eye on the single strut and use loctite as you would on any other rack or mudguard fastener.

  • I've never had a large platform rack before, but for that price i'd take a punt like

  • Posted this before but Metro Porteur is even cheaper­-Steel-Front-Rack-Silver/192627974040?

    Bit squarer, and there are two positions for the struts to attach (so still barely any adjustability but a smidge better)

  • @Silly_Savage I have a soma porteur I need to shift, stainless (ie not black) if that’s of interest? Large flat platform, attaches at the dropout (either into the axle or an eyelet just above it). I used to with laptop, clothes and tools for commuting.

    Might even sell the bigXtop bag that was made to go on top too.

  • I'm good cheers. I have a wald on VO rando already, was considering the small Surly for the MTB but will hold off for now I think.

  • even cheaper

    ... and it looks it

  • If you fancy posting (unlikely) and I can afford it, I could be interested in the soma.

  • Yeah unlike the Specialized it doesn’t fold down or come apart so looks like an incredible pain to post, sorry

  • Would probably go in a yodel friendly box but completely understand.

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Front rack suggestions

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