Front rack suggestions

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  • @popdown Forgot to say, super nice bike! Did you bodge an MTB shifter onto road bars somehow?

    @damitamit @TM yeah, I'd love a nice Restrap bag or something, way more than I can afford for now though considering that I've got panniers, rucksacks etc. that would all handle my <10km commute perfectly well! I'm going to try to get the Lomo to work but a nice future upgrade perhaps

  • This is LFGSS! We spend money we don’t have, on things we don’t need god DAMMIT!

  • Don't worry, I'm already spending the tiny amount of money that I have on bikes - my shopping list is currently another front rack + low-riders, a dropper post, new BB, new crankset, new tyres + tubeless conversion, new saddle, 650b wheels, a few sets of mudguards, etc. - a new bag is last place!

    And I'm eating beans, grains and veggies for most of meals to fund it #priorities

  • Thanks! yes its a sram GX derailleur and shifter. Saw a wonderful bodge by #Hulsroy ages ago. It uses a seat post clamp round the handlebar. Works perfectly!

  • Its attached via proper straps and buckles to the front bar of the rack. Then chunky zipties keep it locked in at the back. I can't imagine it ever coming off tbh in a crash. Havent fully tested the waterproofness yet but as its a camera bag it should be pretty good.

  • and here it is right now ready for a trip to cuba :)

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  • oops. Do they work now?

  • Metro Porteur is £16.50 + £4 postage at the moment on eBay. Just bought one, looks like it'll solve the issues with my Lomo bag.

  • Anyone using a Specialized Pizza Rack with Canti brakes? Just wondering about clearance as look pretty tight against the fork and may interfere with canti mounts.


  • I have an All-City Nature Boy 853 with a Whisky #9 fork. I've been commuting on it, but my backpack is killing me and it's time to get the weight onto the bike. However, I hate the look of rear racks/panniers.

    Ideally I'd like a basket on the front that I could just dump my backpack in and bungee down. Trouble is, the Whisky #9 doesn't have a bolt on the front of the crown (though it does at the rear) and the eyes near the drop outs are described as 'fender mounts', suggesting they may explode with the weight of a rack.

    Should I give up, or are there some decent options I'm unaware of that would allow me to run a basket?

  • Either a carradice (QR support makes for quick fitting and removal) or a bike packing type seat pack (Restrap/Revelate/Porcelain Rocket)?

  • You could use a rack who's arms clamp on the hub axle like Cetma or Dmenorbikes

  • Don’t know those forks, but can you not use a wald?

  • Yeah, axle was my thought, but didn't know if there was away around the lack of crown mount. Not to mention the 15mm thru-axle.

    I think I may just accept it and start looking for a minimal rear rack and pannier.

  • @hoojtunes this is the thread you’ve always wanted

  • Some Wald baskets come with 2 arms which mount into the handlebar

    Going from backpack to rackbag was a joy, you owe it to yourself

  • Following on from my post earlier (here­), a short 2 month review of the Rando Bag Large...

    I've mainly used it for commuting 6 miles each way, ~3 times a week for 2 months. Mostly it's been great


    • Looks and finish is great
    • Quick to pack and remove from bike (and because it's not a rucksuck I can take it through security at work)
    • Love the pocket on top for holding wallet and sunglasses. Easy access
    • Magnetic buckle works great on the stabilizing strap
    • Magnetic rack mounts worked well (until they didnt)


    • Carrying strap keeps getting unattached from the hooks (when you put the bag down for example after carrying it). I ended up replacing the strap with one with carabiner-like hooks.
    • I feel the fidlock mechanism has worn, meaning the bag (when loaded) rattles around a bit more than before
    • The fidlock mechanism on the bag has unscrewed itself a few times. Usually I notice the bag moving and stop and screw it back in (thou maybe not tight enough?). However this morning the fidlock flew off the bike into path of a bus i was just passing. Luckily it had stopped so i swung round and picked it up before it got lost under the bus.

    The last one is a biggy for me. Im carrying an expensive camera in the bag and I really dont want the bag flying off the rack one day (thou I use the safety strap so this shouldnt happen). And also it's not ideal for such an expensive bag.

    Hopefully I can get replacement mechanisms to fix this.

  • Can you not just stick a dab of glue on the threads? Assuming you don't want to move the fidlock over to other bags.

  • Glad to hear the positives, they’re very similar to what I found. Re the strap, I found that as well and have suggested on mk2 the strap is sewn on one side and hooked or magnet on the other. Ill have to double check this but I think a couple of the fidloks haven’t locked correctly, (they have pins that are meant to stop them unscrewing like this) Nathan (mr Restrap) is at Eurobike this week but I’ll drop him a text and suggest you email Restrap about the issue on (if you haven’t already done so). Really sorry to hear about the problem.

  • One of the fidlocks came unscrewed again last night while the bag was fully loaded with shopping. Quite unnerving when your dodging london traffic!

    Thanks, will email restrap.

    Only other downside is that my sister made a Deliveroo joke when i walked into the pub with the bag on my shoulder :(

  • Is your sister outside of warranty?

  • Can anyone advise - I have a condor Pioggia fork which only has mudguard eyelets:

    Can I fit a rack such as the Minor Gamoh King Junior:

    As well as a front mudguard? So mounting both of them on the same eyelets.

    Or is this a recipe for instant death?

  • You might find the rack legs interfere with the fork legs. You probably won't die though.

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Front rack suggestions

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