Front rack suggestions

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  • bent strut - very bad

    Why? It's mild steel and supposed to bend to work with different forks.

  • yeah you might be right, looking at it again, my rack was this one and it snapped

  • Where did it snap?

  • at the bit which screws into the fork crown

  • Anyone know of any good racks available in the U.K. that bolt to mod fork eyelets?

  • People bodge rando bags out of camera bags and the like, right? Has anyone here done it? Couldn't find anything in the search. After something to fit on that SJS/Cube canti rack for commuting.

    Edit: ooh, maybe I could bodge something together out of a sturdy dry bag and leave it permanently attached...

  • Absolutely spot on, that looks pretty damn good for the price as well. Have you got one yourself or are you just better at Google than me? I'd be interested to hear your thoughts if you have one. All I could find was £150 semi-custom things like Restrap, Mack, etc. which look lovely but out of my budget

  • haven’t got one myself I’m afraid! - about 12 months ago I spent a bit of time trying to find something similar to what you described and this is one of the things I found... I concluded I didn’t like the yellow and wanted something more ‘traditional’ looking - in the end I faffed, bought nothing and then forgot all about my mini bag plan.

  • Haha, oh right. Well it looks just right for me, think I'll take a punt. My only concern is that it might sag over the sides of the rack but I can always shove some cardboard or plastic in the base of it to keep it sturdy I guess. Thanks

  • There was a fishing bag + VO decaleur in classifieds recently.

  • I've got one of those and think it's pretty amazing for the money. Been using it since Christmas on a Pizza rack. It is quite soft (robust dry bag material) so might flop a bit on a smaller rack. Some kind of stiffener inside could work.

  • Are there any similar racks to the Pelago commuter M?

    Things I like about it:

    it's not too wide
    it looks like it's low
    it'll fit a range of bikes with supplied attachments
    can hang pannier bags off of it low

    Things I don't like:

    It's expensive

  • I've ridden through two scandinavian winters with mine. An other than 2-3 nylock bolts that need changing due to corrision I haven't had a creak or any spot of both with it.
    Well worth the money imo.
    Mine's the large one, but I imagine the smaller one is just as good!

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  • Was this Kona on sale on retroMTBDK not long ago?

  • Yes, that is the one! You a member?

  • Yes, I keep an eye on it. I really like that bike, to the point I actually questioned if I could justify it in any way (I couldn't).

  • Results of Lomo/canti rack experimentation...

    It doesn't work all that well. With such a small platform the bag needs some sort of retention at the top to stop it from rocking from side to side. Unfortunately with my combination of bars, stem, fork, headtube and rack, the straps are too short to do this properly; it either hangs off the bars without using the rack at all or it sits on the rack and rocks from side to side without any retention.

    It's a shame, as it's a pretty nice bag otherwise. If you have a porteur rack or a basket it'd work great. I'll see if I can come up with some solution to get it attached at the top/bars and to the rack at the same time. For now I just have it hanging off the bars.

    Please excuse my horrid bike

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  • Sorry to hear that. It is a good bag though. The straps on the front and back (the ones either side of the Lomo logo) work well as extra retention straps on the stocky up bit of a porteur rack.

  • Yeah, would be perfect with a porteur rack. Current solutions:

    • find a basket that I can fasten on securely and use it with that
    • bodge some longer straps somehow
    • add some extra straps - there's plenty of spare attachment points
    • just stick it on the back where it's designed to go
  • i bought an amazon basics large dslr bag for about £20. Works perfectly for me! I cut off a few of the unnecessary straps and melted a couple of holes in the rear with a soldering iron to zip tie it to the rack (which is a cheapo velovitality one)


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  • Look good! I'm a bit cautious of zip ties only as I fell off my bike the other day and all the zip ties failed instantly on the front basket. Had I not been right outside the office it would have been a real pain. And given that all this sits over the front wheel, probably the most deadly bit of any bike, I quickly decided to do something else.

    Have you got a more permanent attachment solution in mind? I'm guessing it's not waterproof also?

  • I used the Lomo bag for a few months on a front rack. Worked pretty well but it rattles alot, so I cut off most of the buckles and also wrapped them in silicone tape. Also really spacious so good for the weekly shop.

    For me, I found all the buckles took too long to open/close (i'm being picky here) and it was too yellow... so I bought a Restrap Rando bag when AlwaysRiding had 20% off. Been using it this week and so far it's definitely quicker to take off the bike etc.

  • And having missed that you can get 15% off from Restrap with LFGSS15 ...

    ps images aren’t working, not sure if just me

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Front rack suggestions

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