Front rack suggestions

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  • I have one for sells if you want. It was brilliant but the bike it was on broke in half

  • Yes please!

  • this is the best rack I've found to date. Requires eyelets on the back of the dropout (i.e. fender eyelets) and side of the fork leg.

    Very usable top platform, but also enables low riding panniers set-up.

    I modified mine slightly with a hole through the platform to place a single bolt to provide additional support for the front fender. I'm planning on also adding a bracket to use the caliper mount for added strength. All said, it has 5 weight bearing bolts spaced out evenly along the fork.­_ID=FREXT

  • Recived a Jack the rack. Impressive attention to detail and plenty of different mounting options out of the box.

    Should be easy to move across bikes but suspect it's a bit tall and will touch the front wheel on some. A low stack version would be great. Will have a proper try soon. Happy to share more images, dimensions or give impressions.

  • realistically, what can it hold while putting miles down on a gravel road?

  • Any type of bag which otherwise wouldn't fit on the handlebars? I'm interested in one to allow me to use my excellent basket bag from Dan (bags made by me thread) on my mtb, which doesn't have any kind of rack. Dry sacks/sleeping bags etc as well I guess.

  • Please post some more pics when you get a chance, quite interested a Jack the Rack. Cheers!

  • It's very useful for carrying bagels and subway sandwiches

  • realistically, what can it hold while putting miles down on a gravel road?

    Ridden it twice now, about 30 miles, and had maybe 2kg on there this morning. It's always jiggling around, especially on bad roads but don't see it coming undone, even on gravel.

    For gravel, I recon I'll load it up with a tent and some additonal bags (maybe roll mat or small sleeping or clothes).

  • What's the forum approved front basket/rack and basket at the moment? A friend has asked for a recommendation and want to offer an alternative to the Pelago Rasket which I have but could do with more than 5kg weight limit (and possibly slightly less expensive too)

    It's for a Genesis Borough with mounts at axle level & hole in fork crown. Dynamo light fitting would be useful too if possible

  • Pizza Rack / Wald 137 is a classic. Means front panniers are an option too.

    Edit, sorry didn't see only axle holes. You can use fork clamp mounts though.

  • 5kg limit on the rasket? Mad.

    What about a good ol’ wald?

  • What about a good ol, wald?

    This. Only downside is attaching to the bars but that's not a big deal imo. Can attach a light to either of the support struts fairly easily too

  • I'm planning to mount Wald to a full carbon fork - it shouldn't be an issue as the basket is mounted to the wheel axle and handlebars right?

  • Yeah if you use the standard kit it comes with.

  • Some rust on my tubus from general use & storage.
    Should I a) forget about it, or b)remove/treat it? And if so, how?

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  • Id probably paint over it with either black nail polish, or one of those rust pencil things for cars, then forget about it.

  • I'd hammerite it.

  • Are Wald baskets nearly double the price they were last year?

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Front rack suggestions

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