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  • Am I asking for trouble if I try and bend the tombstone on an M18 forward so that it's perpendicular to the rack?

  • Yes, if you try and bend it from the welds. If you fix it so you're bending a few cms above the welds, I reckon you'd be just fine.

  • Figured that might be the case. Back to the drawing board...

  • @dan_apeks could you measure from the fork crown hole to the top of the rack for me if possible? Wondering if this would clear my handlebars or not.

  • @sacredhart- just measured - you'd need 20cm clearance.

  • @dan_apeks thanks that's very kind of you

  • Pretty sure that angle helps secure the basket or bag better. Though there is usually provision for securing underneath the bag or basket too.

    Jon Blum

    I have not used a front rack yet, but I have a question about the
    design. Most of them have a tombstone that is angled so that it is not
    vertical, but instead is angled like the head tube. Why not have it
    vertical, since the bags used with these racks all seem to be vertical
    rather than angled at the back? Just curious. April 26, 2017 at 7:35

    Jan Heine, Editor, Bicycle Quarterly

    The main reason is probably aesthetics, but the angled backstop also
    prevents the strap that goes over it from sliding upward.­ndlebar-bags-on-modern-bikepacking-bikes­/

  • Yeah, that all figures, except in this instance the bag I have has a really tight tombstone sleeve and the velcro straps on the base can't be done tight enough to stop the bag being pulled back by the tombstone.

    I can't believe i have let myself get sucked in by big rando and all this bullshit again.

  • Hi, I can relate to your frustration. I recently bought used Carradice Super C panniers and on closer inspection discovered to my amazement that it had the most poorly thought-through bottom bracket fixing mechanism with a hook 'system' that couldn't even swivel around to adapt to various racks. So it fits one rack, but not the others. I mean, it's hardly rocket science! Anyway, I nevertheless subsequently bought a new Super C pair because it has a swivel hook now, and because I like the Super C saddlebags...but in future I intend to go custom, either or both with this or with this forum's own user71349 - bags (made by me) thread.

    Anyway, about your issue, could the problem lie with your bag and not the rack? Even that link I used in my first reply contains pros and cons of different very established brands. If you have not bent the rack yet and no longer want it, then I would potentially buy it off you.

  • is there current fork+rack combo that is reccommended? Want a disc fork on my langster and something that can carry some weight too.

  • Surly do good forks that definitely work with their racks. Heavy though.

  • What is your opinion on Specialized Pizza Rack vs Bontrager Carry Forward rack?
    I have a Giant Toughroad (carbon fork with no triple bosses, has lowrider eyelets but only outside + hole at the fork crown), going to tour with my kid in trailer, so need some extra packing space. Was thinking about Tubus Tara first but the Big Apple version is impossible to get anywhere sooner than next August. These two I am considering to add small (Vaude or Ortlieb) panniers for longer tours and also carry something on the platform (I already have Wald 139 from previous bike that I could reuse here) instead of a handlebar harness. I am going to add dynamo lighting at some point, so that would go on the rack and I wouldn't remove it outside of touring then.
    @Föhn has praised the Pizza Rack that the higher panniers position help on trails, but on the other hand I feel Bontrager would give me more stable steering with low rider position and make less forces on fork (5 mounting points including fork eyelets vs 3 on Specialized). I am not going to do any crazy trails with panniers as I will be towing a double Thule Chariot at the same time, whenever riding solo I would probably only use platform for cargo carrying.

  • If you're going to put a basket on it, you might as well go for the bontrager rack. What i like about proper lowrider racks is that you can put an extra kickstand on the front rack. That would make it a lot easier to park your bike and save you a lot of stress in hectic moments.

  • Regarding the basket - I already have a Wald and no bags specific for strapping to a platform, but I am not really decided how will I use it, for now just a flexibility of having a platform is welcome.
    The kickstand point is actually a good one, as the frame lacks a kickstand mount in the back and trailer is axle-mounted so a Giant kickstand designed for this model that also mounts there is not an option. Towing a trailer it is also harder to find a suitable spot to lean the bike against like I have always been doing.

  • Actually I have never seen such lowrider kickstands in practice - can they hold an entire bike or only together with a back kickstand?

  • Anyone got a rando bag they are keen to move on?

  • Front rack kickstands only work when combined with a main kickstand, usually rear axle.

  • Maybe, unused ruthworks ultralight 10". Let me think about over the weekend...

  • Green VO x Roadrunner rando, unused. Plus the matching VO Randonneur rack with integrated decaleur. PM me if interested.

  • Anyone got a Wald 139 they're looking to shift? black preferred but open to silver if the price is right..

  • Has anyone got experience with a ILE Porteur Rackbag?
    Thinking of something along the line for my Pelago Commuter front rack­ange-pass-stow-rackbag

  • Love mine. Had it for years. Run it on a pizza rack and on the Surly one too.

    Holds a lot of stuff. A surprising amount of stuff. Laptop, clothes, shoes, toilettries, towel, tools, etc. Waterproof, sturdy.

    Only good things to say.

  • That's the type of feedback I wanted, thanks!

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Front rack suggestions

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