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  • Need to hack these out I think so that the bag can sit flat.

    You just 180 them to face the other way and then zip tie them to the back of the rack. I always leave mine on on the off chance I need to use the basket with bars and no rack in the future. I've dont it on loads of bikes

  • What rack is that?

  • V1 Rawland - just get a nitto M18

  • Does anybody have a Nitto M12 and a ruler handy?

    I have this Nitto NF-22 which fits nicely onto my fork, and I wondered if the M12 fit is the same, or whether it's a bit bigger. I'd like to know the spacing for the canti stud struts, and the distance from the fork crown hole to one of the struts, as shown in the pictures, but I don't want to spend £££££ to measure it myself.


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  • Does anyone have a silver front basket that they'd be willing to part with, nitto/wald etc? I have all the mounting gubbins. I'm using a basket from B&Q, which was £6 but weights a tonne.

  • So them SJS slash Jtek slash whoever canti racks… anyone had any luck fitting one to a suspension-corrected fork?

    The fork crown on my Troll is a few cm higher than is typical, and as such the short part of the stock bracket is too, well, short. Before I start hammering and bending and all that, any tips?

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  • What are the bag options for use with a smaller rack e.g. Nitto M12? Is it just rando-esque bags like the Restrap one, or will rack bags have enough strength to sit on a small rack? Something like this, or the Mack Workshop one but unsure how it will cope

  • The Mack Workshop rack bags don't have any 'internal structure' like a rando bag does, it's just the material giving it form - like a backpack. No easy way to put any plastic board or whatever in it to give any rigidity as the floating liner is stitched in at the top.

    I couldn't get it to work with my SJS small canti-rack, but that's my fault as it's really designed for a rack that's full width/a basket.

  • Thanks for the info - that's a shame. There seems to be a real lack of affordable rando bags, I suppose they're quite a niche product.

  • Hi Folks,

    I'm looking for front rack suggestions. It's to fit on my Genesis Fortitude Adventure 29er, it's got loads of mounting points on the fork legs and as well as mudguard and rack eyes. I've used it for years as a commuter with a rear rack and panniers and now need something for the front too for suermarket runs, lugging compost from the gardencentre, that sort of thing.

    I was thinking a Minoura Gamoh rack (rather than the King with the sides and wooden base). Anything else I should be considering?


  • @NurseHolliday may have some photos for you of his

  • Instead of bending, use a bit of metal to extend the bracket. I used something I already had in the toolbox.

  • Took a punt on this for £10 (+£5 deliv) - fitted it today and pretty impressed. Very light and holds up to 9kg. Recommended if you have canti / v-brake bolt fittings.­-front-M422534.html

  • hey all,

    im in an endless research to find a nice front rack, too bad most of manufactures dont detail that good their products.

    i cant understand what is the biggest wheel that can fit in the pelago rack?
    im riding 29X2.1, my axle to crown is 425, they do say that range is from 357-401.
    but no drawing of the product so i cant be sure i cant modify it to fit.
    someone use this rack and can help?
    thank you

  • It'll fit most bikes, there's loads of adjustment.

  • Looking for a lowrider rack for my Giant Toughroad, so I have mid-blade eyelets only on the outside of fork and I need it to clear at least 29x2.1 tyre. Tubus Tara Big Apple is unavailable everywhere with availability expected in August 2023, any alternatives to that one? Or should I go for a Pizza Rack and just deal with a bit worse stability from higher mounted panniers?

  • Giant one is also an option, though I read opinions that this design is not solid enough (only attached to one mid-blade and one lower eyelet) and that wa good rack should either has mid connection like Tara or connect on two sides like Duo you have linked, but my fork doesn't have mid-blade eyelets from inside, only the outside ones.

  • I've also heard that this design is perfect for throwing a pannier into your front wheel. I would avoid anything that doesn't bridge both sides.

  • BLB front rack vs Nitto M18

    Is there a reason to spend twice as much for the Nitto?

    Also any other alternatives I'm missing? I'm mainly wanting something smaller than my current specialized pizza rack for my wald 137 basket setup.

  • I own both the BLB and the M18 and I wouldnt really recommend either for a wald as they're a bit wobbly get something with 4 stays like this, you'll have a much better time­s/accessories-brands/nitto/sim-works-obe­nto-rack/

  • Thanks for the advice. I'm not sure my budget stretches that far unfortunately, maybe I'll just stick with the pizza rack for now.

  • I have this exact set up (M18 and small wald) and as long as it’s not too overloaded it’s been absolutely fine. Normally carry a small gym bag with random assortment of stuff in and space for small shopping trips. Anything over 3kg and it gets a bit squirrelly but keep it below that and it’s been fine. I do have a pedal strap around the rack and the head tube though, just in case.

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Front rack suggestions

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