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  • the rails do look a bit high

    They are a little high, but to be honest I don't think it ruins the rack too much. Done all my tours with this rack, and it's a great little carrier, especially for the price.

  • @Belagerent @Tijs nice bikes!

  • I have rather stupidly ordered a Basil Portland front rack with the intention of mounting via a standard QR - I now realise it is designed for 12-13mm axles. Is there a workaround or is it a not starter?

    Its only for fairly light duty pottering around town, so do I just bodge it on with the QR and hope I don't die?

  • I never noticed that and ran mine for a couple years with QRs...

    Here with some big boi disc rotors. Defo over the 10kg limit.

  • This is extremely encouraging!

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  • I want/need to put a front rack on my fixed gear, wich have track geometry i.e. steep angles, will it ride terribly, even when the rack is empty? Am I better off buying an old bike fit for the purpose? Sorry for the silly questions but I never rode a bike with a rack.

  • It will feel odd at first (especially with stuff on) but you’ll get used to it quickly.

  • After lurking on here for a bit, I decided to go with the Pelago rack. Just installed it on my steamroller last night.
    However, there was a big space between the drop outs and fork ends, solved that by using the spacers provided. But Pelago said that the spacer should only be used for the eyelet drop outs.

    Can some one tell me if this is unsafe? Thanks

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  • depends how much of that bolt is actually threaded into the axle. typically you want 1 - 1.5 times the nominal bolt diameter worth of tread length engaged. even more if the axle / bolt is aluminium.

  • Really want a cycletruck front fork/rack

  • I had a Kemper Lorri. It was excellent. Wish I had the space in my flat for it now.

  • Nut, mount, second nut.

  • I'd say that's pretty dangerous. You've lost the contact surface of the nut to the fork end. If the washer was bigger, mad out of steel and serrated I'd say you'd be ok.

  • Thanks for the advice, I'll need to check. Not sure if I have a longer hardware, probably need to go to a bike shop.

  • I was thinking that too. Unfortunately I don't think I have the right hardware.

  • Fuck that.

    Get some lm-1 mounts.

  • Has anyone ever found a decent equivalent to the Nitto S-rack? That seems like a Blue Lug proprietary rack that’s unavailable in the UK. Looking to put panniers on the front but don’t want the heffalump which is the surly nice front rack. I’m also limited by mid fork eyelets only on my straggler.

  • They're just lowriders, right? Like the Tubus Duo?

  • I can't really see how you have it set up from that picture but can you not use the different attachments which join to the axle to make sure it clears the ends of the fork? I'm sure a lot of people are running the pelago rack on a steamroller and aren't having that problem.

  • Thanks that’s helpful!

  • Check out Thorn / SJS Cycles too.

  • Their own brand racks are great quality

  • What rack it is? Looking something similar to my Cinelli Tutto...

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Front rack suggestions

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