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  • Hi,

    I did a search for front racks here, and didn't find much, you guys never talked about them?!
    Anyway, I'd love to put a silver (possibly steel) front rack on my Holdsworth for panniers.

    Suggestions without disrupting the bank?

    The bike has no braze ons for a front rack.

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  • I can't recommend you a rack personally, but at least I can tell you what to avoid.

    I've been told to avoid the racks which don't have a “hoop” going around the wheel. Without this hoop the rack can sway and get caught in your wheel. Basically avoid these:

  • That is a good point indeed!

  • You can get "attachments" to bolt on a low rider rack to that type of frame.
    The bike is older than the Low rider design. Before low riders you would have used an alloy front rack that really just a smaller, squarer version of the rear rack. It was attached through the mudguard eyes and the brake bolt.

    You might be able to find some thing like that on the SJS site. Blackburn may do them still..

  • Yeah, bit I really would like a low rider setup. More stable.

    Appreciate the suggestions. If I don't find a suitable compromise, I'll go for that. Thanks!


    no idea about performance. looks the part?

  • It does in silver. Saw it, but I've also read people complaining. I think I might have to shelve some money for a steel one :/

  • Yeah, looks like I need to shelve on a tubus one :)

  • and of course Spa- for the very, very old school tourer...

  • The Blackburn should be perfect. I once had such a set up. Rock solid, provided you bolt it on properly...

  • I might give its silver version a try...thanks chaps.

  • There is another brand called Old Man Mountain that specialise in racks for bikes without brazeons - they are USA made and quite pricey

  • Yep, Carradice stocks them. Indeed expensive

  • I've got an Old Man Mountain front rack for sale if you're interested PM me.

    It's one of these.

  • I think fitzrovia cycles sell them (or used to at least)

  • Do you have one of these? would it work with 2 panniers?


  • Does anyone know more about the SPA cycles nimrod rack? Ive googled, but I'd like to see a pic of it on and I can't find one. For £16 it seems a steal. Also anyone had experience with the BLB ones­-away-tray-black?

  • You've sent me off into a google-spiral now!

    I'm looking for decent pannier racks and know nothing about them. My only criteria is that they must look good and part of the bike, not an add on.

    In terms of front racks, I would have thought that if you having the low rider racks, with a loop over the wheels then it's a waste not to use the loop to offer a place for bags over the top of the front wheel... Something like this:-

    I've not found one for sale yet though.

    EDIT: Ah, my mistake. They seem like two separate elements both sharing the mid-fork rack mount eyelet braze-ons.

    I was hoping to find an all-in-one option that wouldn't need the braze-ons.

  • Had one in the past, it does fit panniers but high up so very noticeable weight and they need to be reasonably balanced.
    @legomartian no pics sorry!

  • really like that fork crown! And lugs! lovely machine, what's that?

    And great setup indeed, can use P-Clips instead of the braze ons, but not sure how strong it can be...

  • P clips, well seated on the blades, will work fine. Use a rubber layer to help grip and stop ruining paint.

    The tubus rack is brilliant. Just get that.

  • PS you might need a spacer between any clip on clamp you choose to get the rack to sit clear of the curve of the fork blade.

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Front rack suggestions

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