• I like them. Slower on road than most gravel tyres but a little more grippy off-road. If I'm alone on a road ride on them I'm quite happy but the one time I went out with a group on them for about 100km it did become a struggle by the end (I was also really unfit so hard to say anything definitively).

  • Cheers. I like the sound of them, been looking for an all terrain sort of tyre - happy to accept that it's a compromise but I'd like to be able to ride on most terrain.

  • So they do!

  • Pompino bimbling yesterday, had to footdown at the spot I fell off the surly the other week. I'll have it next time.

  • Big loop? I need some ride inspiration :(

  • Just short, enough to tire me out atm though. Not the most inspiring either:
    Ivy Green, Stretford Meadow, Carrington, Dunham, then home on tpt and canal.

    I'm with you on feeling uninspired, was intending on a bigger ride for some veloviewer tiles for forced-inspiration but overslept and this was enough

  • excellent cockpit set up

  • 650b mtb tyre fixed gear path racer build surly

    I honestly thought this would be a bit crap. Kinda did it cos I could and "just to see", and it's so good. Fully daft. Off-road feels both really secure and really precarious, on-road is comfy, not slow and sounds really nice.
    I don't want to change it back, but soon enough @pmccee will ask my sorry arse on a gravel ride and I'll be faced with the prospect of both uphills and downhills and I suspect it'll get old very very quickly.

  • Now that mismatch forks have been branded officially appealing, it's probably time to powdercoat this one

  • Mudguards do be mudguarding.

    Every time I dare to think about taking them off for "summer" I do something like this, reminding me just how goood they are

  • rep for upside down bike, the peoples bike stand

  • I just switch to "summer mudguards" (Fendor bendor)

  • I did wonder about mudhuggers for a while but thought they'd look a bit misplaced-gravel-bro with the silver finishing kit

  • Idle hands and a small amount of electrical tape confirms it's time to go:

    2 week turnaround at the powdercoaters and a lot of free time means I'm gonna diy it I think.

    Back to 10 speed too

  • Black fork looking good. Can relate to that fixed gear offroad feeling, it's like the sluggishness of the heavier frame and big rubber is minimized and you're left feeling like you could ride just about anywhere for as long as you want to.

  • Mudguards off! Feels good, they were getting tatty and rattled a lot. I'll hold off on replacing them until after Dirty Reiver.
    A spoke in the front wheel snapped randomly while the bike was sat in the sun, so getting that sorted tomorrow.
    Trying to motivate myself to take advantage of the front end being disassembled and start sanding the fork for the respray.

  • Here's the bike after Dirty Reiver:

    Obviously I caused myself a world of stress in the lead-up, badly painting the fork and finally setting up tubeless with tyres that may or may not be compatible, but the bike performed pretty well really. I had to top up the rear tyre a couple times and dropped the chain four times but who's counting? We weren't riding with any serious intent.

    It's now going on a break at my parents, opening a spot back in Manchester for a mtb. Honestly feel a bit anxious about not having the DIA bike with me but with minimal commuting it makes sense to make a change for a bit I think.

  • While I love the look of downtube shifter, you should consider that:
    It allows you to use dropbar shifters with XT derailleur.

  • Road 10sp stuff should work with it as is, I think it's compatible with 9sp mtb. In any case, I like the dt shifters and am keeping them.

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Surly cross check - tourer-> winter road -> commuter ->sscx -> ???

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