• Birthday dynamo ordered. SP PD-8.
    Hopefully collect the rest of the wheel bits and get them built when payday comes around now

  • That Velo Orange Piolet fork:

    I'm starting to wonder if it might just work in the original blue. Maybe.

    Here's a pic from last night for good measure

  • Idle interneting has led to 2" conti race kings being on their way for this

  • Very in to this. My bike has ended out going through a similar process to yours and have just received a pair of WTB Resolutes to try my hand at cross. Big tyres + steel + drops are just a consistently rowdy time

  • Yes! Glad you're feeling it. I'm having so much fun on this atm.

    Here it is with stupid new tyres:

  • Looks simple and fun, nice!

  • Got a small tour lined up in late July so this is going to need a bit of investment finally
    Wheel build will go ahead
    Some form of rear rack (will be carrying the bulk of kit for 2 people)
    Maybe a practical steel fork depending on how much stuff there is

    In the meantime this has been doing great at commuting, rides with the fixed guys, and bashing around the woods.

    I think long term the best tyre setup is gonna be semi-knobbled 42s, with 60mm guards. Plenty of room for mud etc. Today's ride has taught me that I absolutely need guards. That'll last until winter when I decide I need to ride cross again no doubt.

  • Did I miss how you fitted rear disc ?

  • Damn, was hoping it was some kind of neat little adaptor.

  • Would da 7800 cranks with a narrow wide chainring be a bit much for this?
    I have a set, and can't see myself going back to standard on my road bike so it's use them or sell them.

  • Life's too short, just chuck them on.

  • Yeah you're right, they'll stay.

    I finally dropped off bits for the wheel build today, which is exciting.

    Have been psyching myself up for adding gears and guards and going back to proper functional, and then I saw this:
    It's just so good. Makes me want to soldier forward with the impracticality of ss and knobby tyres. Is it the fixie of bikepacking?

  • Weirdly I’m super psyched for going from gears and mudguards to fixed impracticality! And waiting on my wheel build for that.

  • I mean you're right in a way, they will be a bit much, but I say use the nice stuff on this bike unless you have an alternative project in the works.

    I've done some bikepacking on my single speed pompetamine. But I would say fixed bike packing has got to be the way, just ask @mostly_by_bike

  • I never ran the crosscheck fixed but it's supposed to be decent. Keen to see how your build turns out.

  • I've got a rim under my desk which is to be built up fixed, at least partially inspired by those scottish fixed gravellers.
    I rode it fixed for a couple of weeks on the current wheels with a bolt on cog, but I wasn't confident of the qr or chainline so never really got the most out of it. I sometimes wonder if it's a non-starter, with the peaks being so sharp and steep, but the only thing to do is try!

  • Just took this around Clayton Vale (dark blue route, I'm not a madman) for lunch. Went in ballsy as fuck with road pressures in the tyres and nearly immediately died bouncing off rocks left right and centre. Once I cooled off a bit and dropped a load of pressure from the tyres it was amazing fun, I've been missing out. I'm also absolutely hopeless still off-road though. Also over-geared. Anyway, a pic:

  • PS I'm looking for a steel fork w/ mounts & 10sp downtube shifter for this atm, if anyone knows of anything please let me know.

    I put out a couple of wanted ads but they have a total of 0 views in 24hrs

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Surly cross check - tourer-> winter road -> commuter ->sscx -> ???

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