• Birthday dynamo ordered. SP PD-8.
    Hopefully collect the rest of the wheel bits and get them built when payday comes around now

  • That Velo Orange Piolet fork:

    I'm starting to wonder if it might just work in the original blue. Maybe.

    Here's a pic from last night for good measure

  • Idle interneting has led to 2" conti race kings being on their way for this

  • Very in to this. My bike has ended out going through a similar process to yours and have just received a pair of WTB Resolutes to try my hand at cross. Big tyres + steel + drops are just a consistently rowdy time

  • Yes! Glad you're feeling it. I'm having so much fun on this atm.

    Here it is with stupid new tyres:

  • Looks simple and fun, nice!

  • Got a small tour lined up in late July so this is going to need a bit of investment finally
    Wheel build will go ahead
    Some form of rear rack (will be carrying the bulk of kit for 2 people)
    Maybe a practical steel fork depending on how much stuff there is

    In the meantime this has been doing great at commuting, rides with the fixed guys, and bashing around the woods.

    I think long term the best tyre setup is gonna be semi-knobbled 42s, with 60mm guards. Plenty of room for mud etc. Today's ride has taught me that I absolutely need guards. That'll last until winter when I decide I need to ride cross again no doubt.

  • Did I miss how you fitted rear disc ?

  • Damn, was hoping it was some kind of neat little adaptor.

  • Would da 7800 cranks with a narrow wide chainring be a bit much for this?
    I have a set, and can't see myself going back to standard on my road bike so it's use them or sell them.

  • Life's too short, just chuck them on.

  • Yeah you're right, they'll stay.

    I finally dropped off bits for the wheel build today, which is exciting.

    Have been psyching myself up for adding gears and guards and going back to proper functional, and then I saw this:
    It's just so good. Makes me want to soldier forward with the impracticality of ss and knobby tyres. Is it the fixie of bikepacking?

  • Weirdly I’m super psyched for going from gears and mudguards to fixed impracticality! And waiting on my wheel build for that.

  • I mean you're right in a way, they will be a bit much, but I say use the nice stuff on this bike unless you have an alternative project in the works.

    I've done some bikepacking on my single speed pompetamine. But I would say fixed bike packing has got to be the way, just ask @mostly_by_bike

  • I never ran the crosscheck fixed but it's supposed to be decent. Keen to see how your build turns out.

  • I've got a rim under my desk which is to be built up fixed, at least partially inspired by those scottish fixed gravellers.
    I rode it fixed for a couple of weeks on the current wheels with a bolt on cog, but I wasn't confident of the qr or chainline so never really got the most out of it. I sometimes wonder if it's a non-starter, with the peaks being so sharp and steep, but the only thing to do is try!

  • Just took this around Clayton Vale (dark blue route, I'm not a madman) for lunch. Went in ballsy as fuck with road pressures in the tyres and nearly immediately died bouncing off rocks left right and centre. Once I cooled off a bit and dropped a load of pressure from the tyres it was amazing fun, I've been missing out. I'm also absolutely hopeless still off-road though. Also over-geared. Anyway, a pic:

  • PS I'm looking for a steel fork w/ mounts & 10sp downtube shifter for this atm, if anyone knows of anything please let me know.

    I put out a couple of wanted ads but they have a total of 0 views in 24hrs

  • Finally picked these up just now, from @snottyotter and his brother. Really excited to get them on bike with lights and gears again

    Have been thinking of https://www.sks-germany.com/en/products/­edge-al-56/ for guards but I haven't seen a comprehensive review anywhere

    Touring Ireland on this in under 2 weeks and money is tight, so plans to get a fork and rack have taken a back seat, I'll be using a rear rack w/ panniers, rear carradice and either bar bag or wald basket

  • Liking the look of those guards. I am hoping to build up a Straggler whenever my frameset arrives so would be interested in your views on them.

  • My brother said you seemed very nice.

  • Have them now, they're probably too big for my 650b x 48 really. They're stiff, which is good, but also bad as they're going to be difficult to hold in the reduced-diameter bend I'd like them to be in.
    No comments on the fittings yet.

  • In a mad week of stress and bodge, I got this ready for 10 days in Ireland, 5 of which were touring. Budget dictated a cheap rear loading setup, with wald up front. It was a bit noodley but managed just fine save for a couple of punctures.

    Since getting home I've bought some Conti Race Kings in 2" flava, yet to be fitted. I'll be spending night or more trying to force the guards to work nicely with them no doubt.
    Money is then being directed towards replacing the fork with something made of metal. The below post from velo-orange has all but convinced me to get a Piolet fork. Powder coated to match the frame ofc.

    Then it's time for front rack, but I'll cross that bridge when the bank allows.

  • Predictably it's a bit of a bumblebee. Which I hate. I'm hoping the fork swap will help, along with finally getting some decals, but failing that I think either finishing kit or guards might have to go silver.

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Surly cross check - tourer-> winter road -> commuter ->sscx -> ???

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