• Ah do they not do XT dyno as 6 bolt?

    Centrelock it is then!

    I would go for XT Dynamo over SP, SON over them all.

  • For why?

    Spa have this:
    At £45 which seems a bargain now. I think I'll go with it.

  • I would go for XT Dynamo over SP, SON over them all.


  • XT is heavier and uglier, but will build a stronger wheel (wider flanges) and also less likely to need a refurb after 2 years.

    Why SON?

    You should be able to answer that yourself.

  • 1.5 watt, nah. You need 3w.

  • Balls, good spot. Thanks.

  • sorry, I read that as xt over son and sp!

    xt is definitely a choice over sp

  • xt is definitely a choice over sp

    I dunno if it's that clearcut but hey. Struggling to convince myself I want or need anything more glitzy than £40 jobs - the old one on this when it had rim brakes is still going after many many thousands of km in godawful conditions

  • Gf was away for valentines so I spent the night with some beer (Estrella - for the stella haters) and swapped the rear disc rotor for a 16t bolt on cog. Also swapped the tyres out for the clement gravel ones.
    Verdict from the commute was: fun but didn't want to push it too much as the rear is only qr.

  • Monster-cross is go.

    2.2 conti x-kings, juuuust fit. I think 2.1 wtb nano will be sweet.

  • Looks like a shit load of fun.

  • Thanks. I'm hoping so, have never ridden tyres as big

  • That looks bonkers with 2.2's, in a really good way. How much was the disc tab addition out of interest?

    Also, when I was doing some digging on dynamos a while ago I emailed SP about the XT dynamo and got this response: (original question was do you stock the XT 3w dyno hub)

    "No we don't, but should be able to get one in to order. It's charging
    devices that must have 3w, modern LED lights only need 1.5w, which
    lets the hub run much freer.

    Shimano dynohubs were proven to be good in the past, with few
    failures. What failures we had were due to the cones wearing out. Only
    one side was replaceable, despite the hubs being serviceable which SON
    and SP are not. Can't comment on the durability of current Shimano
    dynohubs since we've only sold a small anount in comparason to SP and
    SON. I would say we've had a 1% failure rate with SP, but some of
    these have been after the 2 year warranty, but we have nevertheless
    underwrote the warranty.

    SP hubs should last for 20,000km+ and guaranteed for 2 years. SON for
    50.000km plus and guaranteed 5yrs.

    For what it's worth, I've got a Kinlin XR26T built into a XT 785
    (1.5w) centrelock on my bike, because I think it rolls much easier
    than any other dynohub (noticed and commented on by the
    wheelbuilders), except possibly the SON Deluxe. I could've had either,
    but like the idea that the XT is servicable and I only use headlights.

    We can bulid one up on the Kinlin and the cost would be £155 with XT
    or PD hubs.

    Let me know what you think?

    Kind regards, John."

    FWIW, I ended up with an SP because I got a very good deal on a 2nd hand (albeit as good as new) full wheel build with an SP PD-8, for not much more than the hub costs. It's worked faultlessly, although I've hardly put it through the ringer. I was planning to remove the wheel when I didn't need the lights but have ended up just leaving it on and don't really see any reason not to.

  • I was reading somewhere today that 2.1 is a great sweet spot for something you want to handle most terrain - which is exactly what I want. I just need to figure out what to go for. Was set on nanos until I realised the nicer version isn't available in 27.5

    The disc mod came in under £100, but I got a few bits and bobs done, bought some bits and it was quite an informal arrangement so hard to say!

    Thanks for the info on dynamos. I shelved the issue while my money slithered away into the pub for another month but it's coming to that time again. The b&m luxos light I have has a charger so will definitely be looking at 3W.

  • That makes a lot of sense I guess, it’s pretty much the fulcrum point between what you’d generally consider as ‘road’ and ‘off-road’ widths.

  • Just like to mention SON hubs are serviceable, they just go back to SON via sjscycles - Uk importer.

    Max cost is normally £65 including return postage.

  • Worth knowing. If I could ever justify the expense I wouldn’t hesitate to get one. Sadly I don’t do enough miles.

  • I've settled on SP PD-8 I think. I want 6bolt for some reason I can't quite articulate and I think they cut a reasonable balance between jazziness and plain function.

    Coupled with:
    Shimano Deore FH-M525
    Sturmey Archer HBT30-R

  • As I sit around and remain incapable of buying the wheels, I keep flip flopping between fully rad, massive 2.1 mtb tyre dirt tourer and less rad but more day-to-day practical 48c gravel tyre plus mudguards

    Not an update

  • I've tried having a dedicated non-mudguard bike besides my commuter - but I eventually put mudguards on that too - so much less cleaning of the bike, even if you only ride in the dry.

  • What is that fork?

  • Yes I think dusty pics of off-road tours in the US are tricking me into thinking it's doable

  • Toseek full carbon 26" mtb fork from ebay

  • Have you seen the Rough Stuff Archive on instagram?
    It's totally doable.

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Surly cross check - tourer-> winter road -> commuter ->sscx -> ???

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