• It’s very nice. Silver spokes would make it perfect imo

  • Now I realised how much I’ve missed a road bike

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  • Aaand rando has new gearing

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  • Ready to roll

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  • Looks very good!
    How are you getting on with the rack?
    I've been thinking about replacing my Pelago rack for something less heavy and that VO model certainly looks good.

  • I didn't have the occasion to use it with any bigger loads, but for small stuff it's good. I think it would work best with some rando bag, maybe I'll use one someday. For now it worked as commuter, so I don't need to use car every day to go to work, but since epidemy my workplace is closed

  • Yeah, it's probably not meant for heavy loads.

  • Yeah, probably

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  • That is sweet af. Nice mix of parts.

  • Is this enough spare parts to start new project?

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  • Mate the Mafac front rack alone warrants a new bike!

  • Good point!

    First things first, I’ve found some fabric from the time when I’ve ben sewing saddle rolls and decided to make rando bag. I’ve never seen one irl, so it’s a bit of improvosation, but I can’t wait to finish it.

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  • Looks good.. I too have decided to try my hand at bag making during the current lockdown.. just hoping the postman delivers fabric and other bits and bobs.. Get a pic up when finished..

  • Almost there! Still needs some sort of stiffeners and front buckle, but kinda looks good I think.

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  • Did anyone say dibs on the Serotta?

    First dibs right here. Looks swelte!

  • Thanks, and I’ll remember your dibs!

    Another day, another problem solved.

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  • First of all, I wrote and recorded a piece. Home studio is new to me, so it’s not perfect quality, but yeah, maybe you’ll enjoy it. Another thing, I finished my rando bag.


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  • And now it’s officially done

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  • Hearing some Yann Tiersen vibes here.

  • What’s the decaleur on that?

  • Hard to call it decaleur, it’s just bent and drilled alloy tube made by me, attached to bell’s clamp, but it does the job just fine for now.

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  • Straight to hacks/bodge-thread!

  • Ahhh I see. I did something similar:

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  • It’s a Dia-Compe brake lever clamp.

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All steel everything (Serotta Colorado II, 650b randonneur, Last mtb)

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