• Just saw this. It’s so nice!

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  • How have I missed this thread?? Just read through it all, great stuff. Love the rando.

  • This is kinda done, since last photo there were few changes
    -Brooks b17
    -Nitto Randonneur + Nitto stem
    -GB fenders
    -Mafac Raid brakes
    -VO Constructeur rack

    Now I only have to ride it. And maybe change pedals, because this ones suck. And make leather mudflap to match bartape and saddle.

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  • Looks great, what are the Raids like? Flexy? Are you tempted to get the bosses added to the frame?

  • Oh mate, you have no idea how tempted I am! 😀 and for rew other mods too, but I’m pretty sure it could end with ordering a custom frame... Raids seem to be much better than Racers, they have much more stopping power. I’m trying to find a cheap alternative for spacers and bushings, because Herse’s price for set (42$ for 8 spacers and 4 bushings) is a joke.

  • As I wrote, I bougth a set of steel spacers and bushings so I could rebuild Mafacs. I had to use 10mm drill, so new bushings fit nicely (just as Rene Herse suggests), made small press to put this together. I’ve done this to previous Racers and current Raids, brakes seem to work less mushy

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  • And last update about the Mafac brakes.
    I’ve just changed these pad holders (?) for new ones. They are super cheap but make a big difference, now I can set pads parallel to the rim or even make some toe-in. Finally no weird noices!

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  • Love that. Looks mint!

  • time to repolish too?

  • This. ^
    Looks lovely overall though.

  • @spotter I don’t have to polish, I already live in Poland.
    Ok, that’s stupid, forget about it.

    Maybe I’ll do that before spring.

  • Love the build well done,(not so keen on the joke.)
    "I bougth a set of steel spacers and bushings so I could rebuild Mafacs. "

    Where did you buy the set from?
    Keen to rebuild my Mafacs


  • @mig I measured original ones and bougth something similar in online store. If I did it correctly, bushings are 8x10x10 (internal diameter, outer diameter, length) and spacers are 8x15x0,5 - I bougth 8x14x0,5, because I couldn’t find anything betters, but it works. There’s still some play, but Mafacs are not made with tight fit. Also, one page says that original spacers are 0,3mm, but I measured mine few times.

    I bougth some 5mm leather and dark brown wood stain (apparently too dark, but whatever) and finally made a proper mud flap.

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  • Oh my god this is a lovely rando bike. I'm following your advices with my Mafac racers

  • 5£. a pair for your mudguard ? but where ? :)

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  • Dry feet are always a win, you just need two more now.

  • Honestly, it does make a difference, my drive train stays much cleaner.

  • Needs better shots tho

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  • Oof, very very good. Some road pedals and it would be perfect! Love the fast back seat stays.

  • That's stunning, how does it ride?

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All steel everything (Serotta Colorado II, 650b randonneur, Last mtb)

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