• Shifters are home

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  • Marin is ready for sandblasting.

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  • This is excellent. No rear rack mounts for the Marin?

  • It won't be used with rear rack. Maybe some front rando rack... and if I gonna use any fenders, there are axle-mount options anyway.

  • I don’t know how I could even think about selling this...

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  • Another one done

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  • Lovely build! What make/model are these cranks?

  • looks brilliant, well done! mudguards next?

  • @remrak Stronglights
    @spotter I know I should put some...

  • some stainless GB ones would be perfect

  • .

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  • Such a strong page!

  • This is lovely!

  • Awol is sold now, so I’ve changed few things in my „rando”, so I can use it as everyday commuter. Also, barend shifters suck!

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  • This is a really nice conversion ! Well done !

  • Awol is sold now

    Did I miss it go on here?! Would have snapped that up

    New bike looks great, how are the brakes?

  • Also, barend shifters suck!

    How many speed? Sell them to me.

    Biek looks very good!

  • Thanks people,
    @spotter I sold it locally in Poland where I live. Brakes are...not as good as discs, I have to get used to it, maybe clean braking surfaces or try to set up them a little bit different. But they’re still gonna be just old long reach calipers. Anyway it’s not a race bike, so I don’t need anchors.
    @Tijs they where 8s, but right one skips gears when in index mode, maybe it just needs clean up, maybe it’s just sth wrong with mechanism. I used friction mode, also with 8s cassette and it worked just fine, I just prefer brifters.

    It’s good as it looks now, but I get bored quickly, so when it happens my plans are:
    -proper mudguards like GB or VO (these are like 5£ pair, they work, but not the prettiest ones and could be longer)
    -more classic front end, maybe I’ll try Nitto Randonneur with shorter stem
    -and ofc skinwalls

    Also, thread says about Serotta, so I’ll post some pics as soon as I get it back from painting. This gonna be nice one, I promise

  • Wheelset is ready

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  • I’ve done some chainstay crimping, so I can fit Pari Motos 42c. Rides better, looks better, win win.

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All steel everything (Last mtb, Rando 650b conversion, soon Serotta)

Posted by Avatar for Shl @Shl