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  • Good choice, these are wicked. I think it’d be great singlespeed too.

  • South Island is so beautiful and all but empty. We did some touring there around 07/08. If not for the sand flies it'd be perfect.

    Lovely tour updates and bikes.

  • After almost a year of not managing to get this stem and my bike in the same place we finally have a result. Will probably paint it properly in the future but for now I've thrown on some clearcoat and called it a day.

    Thanks to @Hulsroy and stayer cycles for making this happen!

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  • Looks very good!

    What is the stuff underneath your cotton bartape?

  • It's just a cheap foam tape underneath the cotton tape for a bit of added squish

  • Been making some incremental changes on the Kona with a Works Components angleset, some SLX brakes from my old mountain bike and tubeless. Nothing too drastic but adds up to make the bike feel that much more comfortable.

    Also discovered a crack at the top of the seatstay of my old mountain bike so that's being properly retired. Was interesting to have it out and see how geo has changed in the last 10 years.

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  • Since winter is imminent I've decided to throw some narrow tyres on the Cotic and give cross a go. The geo is a bit wack but the 42c Resolutes combined with a negative rise 100mm stem do make the bike feel a whole lot faster.

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  • The Rockhopper in it's latest form. No major changes but did find an old XTR derailleur that cleaned up nicely and adds a bit of OG mountain biking credit

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  • After doing a few cross races races on the Cotic I realised that there is a reason that people have cross bikes. Aim for this one was to keep it as cheap as possible to miminise how upset I am when I inevitably ruin it riding it through muddy fields. Hanger is pretty cooked but got lucky and managed to 'borrow' an ENO hub from a friend.

    Overall pretty happy with it and surprised by capable it is. Rim brakes aren't dead apparently

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  • Real nice dude.

  • That RockHopper is still 10/10

  • Small update; I own a bike shop now. Not something I ever thought would happen but the opportunity presented itself and it seemed crazy not to. So if anyone is ever passing through Wellington in New Zealand feel free to drop by!

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  • Congrats! Looking tidy :)

  • Woop woop, hope it all goes well!

  • Well done looks slick. I wish my apartment looked as today as this! Excellent news.

  • Thanks! Very happy with it.

    Here are a few builds we've had through recently I thought people might be in to. It's been so much fun helping people get on to some cool bikes!

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  • Very nice builds

  • That surly is awesome

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Kgrevs bike life

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