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  • Lovely - one of the nicest bikes on here.

    Not sure about your bottle choice though. Something period would look better.

  • Thanks!

    With regards to bottle choice, I like how the camelbak fit securely in the king cages, but I might look for other options for posing points. The bottles are period correct with most of the build though :)

    As it's a new page, I thought I'd spam another photo from my current trip.

    This was taken at some disused social housing estate between Sapporo and Otaru in Hokkaido. I only had my phone on me for the pic, so it's not the highest quality.

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  • No cross chaining this time @amey ;)

  • what was the first post?
    have to replace my 25 use alien as the clamp mech squeeking is driving me nuts.

  • It was cheap £15 one from ebay. I've still got it if you want it. I only used it a couple of times, how about £7.50?

  • nice! how long is it? and any marks? x

  • Think it's 400mm, plenty of room to chop down to save weight! ;)

    Don't think there's any marks. It wasn't really in the frame long enough as I moved to the inline pretty quickly. I can check later if you like.

  • thanks, and from the photo it looks graphic free?

  • Yep, graphic free and scratch free :)

  • I posed this in Q&A but tumbleweed..what downtube cable stops do you have, are they concave ones, just sitting on the 'braze ons'? I ask because I've got these, and the concave surface which should wrap around a plain tube doesn't sit correctly. It's not the end of the world, but one is bent so I was going to replace and get the right [flat] ones. However, they are proving difficult to source and don't want to spend too much. Cheers, Luke.

  • Hey. It appears as though I've got standard Shimano ones http://www.modernbike.com/shimano-sti-do­wn-tube-cable-stops but they came with the frame and I can't say I've noticed if they're sitting flush or not.

    I had a similar problem with my Cannondale 2.8 frame. I ended up buying these ones from SJS and filing down the back to sit flat against the braze on.

  • Thanks for the information. That's persuaded me to keep what I have at least for now.

  • Hey @roboto

    I am working on a new project similar to yours - mine is a Look KG281 in 55cm. I am moving from old Tiagra to 105 5800 11 speed.

    Saw the Winstanleys sale and thought of you.
    Thomson Elite 25.0mm inline seatpost is on sale at £40.

    I will be ordering one for me, do you want me to get one for you too? (free post above £50)

    Then you just need a Thomson Elite X2 -17degrees to match....

  • Thanks Vince, I'm not putting any Thomson on this though. The seatpost will only be changed for a carbon post I reckon. Also, X2 would mean I can't use my spatr bars no more and I do like them. :)

    Cheers for the offer though

  • I have a thomson 25.0 I'm trying to shift, shame you aren't putting any on!

  • Hi @roboto, while I'm here I may as well capitalise on Vince's minor dredge...

    I'm also building up a Look at the mo, and happened to have ordered exactly the same BBB seatpost as you to fit the annoying 25.0 seat tube. It looks like you managed to get rid of the logo eventually - did you use elbow grease and acetone, or just a sharpie? Any info would be great, thanks!

    Edit: @Mancini Potentially interested in this ^ if the BBB I've got on order one ends up being more hassle than it's worth. What price did you have in mind? Feel free to PM me if you'd prefer :)

  • I've got a 25mm titanium post I'm not using anymore. USE like this, but with red hardware. £30

  • Sharpie. It didn't budge with acetone as I think has been mentioned before on the thread, the logo is etched.

  • Thanks for the offer, but I'm going to go with the Thomson :)

  • Cool, thanks. Mancini struck at the perfect time though, so I think I'll just return the BBB one anyway! I'm way behind the HHSB curve, so am relishing the thought of some Thomson bits!

  • you still riding this?
    i'm a bit prang about riding mine on the descents given the ageing glue on the carbon-alu lugs...

  • Yeah, I take it out after I check the weather forecast. Although I got caught out in Essex on Saturday when the hail came down hard!

    I worry more about my wheels on descents than the frame. The frame still feels perfectly put together.

  • Currently negotiating the purchase of my very own 241 😍

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Look KG241 - NLTCBMBC edit

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