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  • I finally came to the conclusion that my Cannondale is just a little too big for me, and while I love the bike, I need something more suitable for climbing the hills of Hokkaido this summer.

    I'd been searching for frames on and off for the last couple of months when this popped up for sale and I knew I had to have it.

    I'm going to transplant most of the parts from the 'Dale to begin with and see how we go from there.

    More photos soon. Bear with me.

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  • Lookin good

  • climbing hill

    What's wrong with you?

  • Love Love Love! Sub! =)

  • Nice

  • Honest question; why not something modern like FM066 or a used CAAD10 (with BB30 convertor)?

  • Nice one. Just my sort of thing.
    I can't tell from the pics on my phone but is that a threaded or threadless steerer? But the most important question, what size is the seatpost? Will be following with large amounts of interest.
    EditGoogle tells me it looks like it's 25.0.

  • What's wrong with you?


  • I've got modern frames for my track bikes and I like the way old frames and modern components look together.

    I think this is only around 10 years old. I might be wrong, I need to do some more research on it.

  • Thanks mate. I think I told you when I met you how much I admired your Look's.

    This could be the start of a slippery slope into French carbon goodness.

    The plan is to build her up to get out and ride first, then tweak and upgrade anything that needs doing as I go along.

    It is 25.0 seatpost. I might grab a cheap £15 to begin and then keep my eye out for a USE or Ergopost.

    The stem is 1" threadless, which also limits my options. Think I'll start out with a basic 3t stem, but have thought about maybe getting and ergostem I i get an ergopost. Cinelli Alter also crossed my mind, but I'm not sure it would suit a build with compact drops. I'm having trouble finding images of alter's with spotter bars.

  • The stem is 1" threadless, which also limits my options.

    Just bang a shim in there; I'm using one on two bikes, no worries.

    All these Look threads are getting me twitchy for some of that French Carbon Goodness©...

  • Got a thomson shim if needed?
    Seriously fuckin jealous of this.

    And I agree. Old frames new components look rad as fuck

  • Nice one. Much radness this way cometh! When I see builds like this I know everything is going to be ok with the world much like repowering an older car with a modern engine. .

    Agreed, Thomson shims are where it's at. I run them on both my bikes.

    Needs the cockpit to look like the photoshop in the HHSRB thread.

  • subbed. good luck!

  • ^^^ would totally agree.

  • have you learnt nothing from 5th floor? ;-)
    east london designer wanker etc

    I am more jealous of 'Hokkaido in summer' than the bike

  • I think this is only around 10 years old. I might be wrong, I need to do some more research on it.

    Looks like it's 2000/2001. Page 23

    All Look Catalogs here.

  • Don't be jel m80

  • Ah, thanks for this. Looking through those catalogues makes me want to get a look track frame too...

  • So into this. Bravo

  • Let this be your benchmark! ;)

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  • I'd say shim on steerer and get an old trusty -17:

    The rest will be just downhill :)

  • No pressure then. Perhaps I should photoshop all the photos I take of it too! ;)

    It is a good benchmark, but I should note that I will be using most parts off my Cannondale first. Which means spotter bars and shallow rims.

    I actually really like the Cole C24lite wheels I've already got so no deep Crabon wheels yet.

  • Yeah, I still haven't decided on a stem yet. I know I will need something like a -10 or -17 for the HHSRB approved look.

    Ive ordered a cheap (but not terrible looking) seatpost from Deutschland so I can get an idea of fit and what stem or layback I will need.

  • Whatever it takes to make it look bling! ;)


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Look KG241 - NLTCBMBC edit

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