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  • lol

    Whilst my disposable income is still pretty tangible I thought I may as well yolo and made a trip up to London around Valantines day to meet @DragunovCZ1 at Bethnal Greene station (or was it Chancery Lane? Sweet Canondale btw!) to make a deal on the above frame.

    I'm putting this here so I can discuss parts and also because I'm starting to become overwhelmed with the amount of notes on my phone and desktop.

    I hope you lot can help me achieve adequate Hip Hop status!


  • Great colour that.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=It8ktK-o­ZQQ

    Let me start with the basis of this build, my aims and also my first hurdle...

    I know jack shit about the frame, frankly, and unfortunately I cant find anything apart from the name "Yves Lagalisse" suggests that the guy was a cyclist in France circa 2010. @Breso also found;

    Third couple from top reports Yves Lagalisse as moto pacer rider, so I
    assume, a former cyclist

    This Italian rider database doesn't give many info but it says

    More info, stolen from sale thread:

    -Shimano track dropouts
    -frame size 55x55cm CTC
    -lightweight (might be Reynolds 531)
    -the fork in undrilled and has french threading
    -no cracks, dings or dents, just some paintchips (some areas are immaculate, some got chips - especially headtube)

    Anyway, I've always wanted a cool steel track bike as that's what I'm into. I did have a Langster and most of my fixie mates are more Dosnoventa/Planet X types but this time I wanted something that stands out a bit and has more of a cool factor to it. My Graham build was supposed to cover that but it was always a losing battle really. Mainly being a road frame, too big, timing not right etc etc.

    I like black components, so my initial thoughts were to murder Yves out completely. Literally everything black, right down to the spokes and chainring bolts. I would then prolly decide to break the colour up a bit by fitting some gumwales tyres - atleast then something matches the Mavic decals!

    But, and this brings me to my first dilema...

    After the purchase I learned that black French threaded headsets are quite hard to come by. For example, there are NONE on ebay right now!

    Edit: there's actually one, but at £45 WTF

    This means then that I may have to play around with a mix and match between silver and black parts. I'm sure the aesthetists amongst us can agree that silver throughout on this hue of pink wont quite look right... Plus silver is not slave in nature no? Happy for you to prove me wrong.

    That's the first hurdle. If I decide to go silver headset then I'm thinking...


    1. Stem
    2. Handlebars
    3. Crankset
    4. Seatpost
    5. Pedals
    6. Cages


    1. Grips
    2. Chainring
    3. Saddle
    4. Rims
    5. Hubs - not so strict
    6. Spokes - again not strict
    7. Pedal straps
    8. Chain

    Using a different fork is out of the question and so is spray painting a silver headset once fitted (for now anyway)


    Here are some pics I stole from the sale thread - sorry but the frame is still up in London and the only one I have is the one at the very top.

  • After the purchase I learned that black French threaded headsets are quite hard to come by. For example, there are NONE on ebay right now!

    Are you totally sure threading is actually french?

    Given that it did have a black headset before (hard to find as you say), and a cartridge BB too (of which there's only a few that are available with french threads - such as VO which are shit, and Phil Wood which cost a bunch).

    [edit] ignore the black headset remark as it's obviously a different fork in use there, though BB remarks still stand.

  • I hope you lot can help me achieve adequate Hip Hop status!

    Not sure what this means but I like it!

  • Ah, my bad. Another piece of info from the sale thread:

    The BB threading is classic english.

    It's a weird one I suppose but no issues on that front as far as I can tell. Took sellers word on it but I'm sure I'll find out once I get the frame home and begin assembling!

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nt-CbyN­pLM

    Drivetrain Level Beginner!

    So when I started thinking of this project I knew it was going to be expensive lol. I really just want a bike that I can call mine and it be linked back to me if it's ever seen around the sunny hills of Bournemouth lol, or even here fingers crosse in the hip hop or rat threads. That and my taste for being a bit snob meant I had to, and having to, sell all the other projects I had on the go, including my vintage roadie one, for the time being. But I've reached a stage now where I have too much on to actually enjoy any of them so needs must really. Story of my life fml.

    Currently I've just got enough stuff laying around that I can hopefully have this assembled in the next month. I kind of wanted to hang on until I had all the parts I want but unfortunately I'm not rich enough for that to be feasible, plus I'm impatient. I'm FINALLY bringing the frame back with me this weekend as I'll be up in Clapham where it's lived since Feb and that'll then allow me to feel good again having a fixie in my life as I sold my Graham Wigh the other month.

    Anyway, I was going to write about my choice in Drivetrain (almost)... So:

    1. I like expensive things
    2. I like vintage aesthetics

    This means we only have one option right? Something classy, timeless to match the steel simple lines yet still so god damn hip hop and raw at the same time etc... i.e. no Omniums here, thank you veyr much!

    I was debating on whether to go with some vintage silver Road cranks like Shimano but I really couldn't be bothered with the whole asking people on eBay what bcd it was and them not knowing and then having to find a suitable chainring. 144 seems a safe bet to me? Maybe I'll flog the silver pair if I ever need the cash though.

    Did some research on the drivetrain thread on here so opted for the Campag Centaur bb in 111mm. I did buy a Sugino 75 from Kinoko but I think the Campag looks better, not to mention the Sugino is not sealed. This will be used mainly on the roads so seems to have been the better option, plus its cheaper lol.

    Not so sure on the Sugino chainring for the black set though. Any suggestions in the region of 30-50 bar? I quite like the Lattice one everyone has atm. I cant afford Zen! 75 just doesnt look chunky enough against the black crankset imo.

    Anyway, thats all for the mo. I do have more parts but nothing to gel the entire ensemble together if that makes sense... So I have handlebars and stem but no grips for example. Hopefully soon though!


    EDIT: I deleted some pics but I cant for the life of me remember what they were so this section may not make sensei.

  • If that is indeed 2 x black 75 chainrings you have there, pls can I buy one? Alternatively I have a black lattice, barely used, we could work something out?

  • It is indeed :) but I ride a very unmanly 46t if that's any good? Interested in Black Lattice weave regardless of teeth count!

    Will PM in the morning, I'm tired.

  • Suff Daddy! I think I've got those original Hi Hat Club records on vinyl back at my parents' place.

  • forks are nice. Will look so much better with 75's

  • I reckon black 75 chainring will look good, reckon 75 silver chainring would look really good with silver cranks if you want vintage aesthetics plus won't get the obvious wear.

  • Man I only discovered him recently and only listened to Hi Hat Vol. 2 - so good!

    If I start collecting vinyl I might just give you a shout :P

  • So you reckon black crank, silver 75 chainring? And what do you mean by obvious wear? Anodising coming off?

    My plan is to have black parts to complement the silver component, so black chainring on silver crankset and black grips on silver handlebars if that makes sense?

  • silver cranks silver chainring, yea just the anodising tho not really that much of an issue.

  • I reckon all black everything! Would look well nice against the pink.

  • Aha yea sure. I have no idea where abouts in the stack of funk/jazz/soul/etc they are. I should go digging some time.

    Did you check out the Hihat Club blog? If you go back really far there were downloadable mixes. There's also some cool stuff from Tobrock and Fella Vaughn here https://rockafella.bandcamp.com/ which I think was featured through HHC.

  • I like the idea of the silver 75 with a black chainring.
    Here I found one with the lattice

  • Ahh so many options. I won't look to get rid of this though so hopefully I'll cover all options.

    Finally taking it down to Bournemouth this weekend. I told myself I need to wait until I have all the parts I want but I don't think I'll be able to wait that long. So will probably build it up with what I've currently got...

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  • Well, judging from that photo your cat approves!

  • Hahah, he was probably pissed cus I shut the door before taking the pic!

  • Pop a bit of tape on and it'll be fine.

  • I hear @jdmitch does cheap frame repairs/mods?

  • Thanks, but it's most likely beyond repair no? Rip at the top tube just by lugs and crease by diagonal tube bit underneath...

    I wouldn't feel safe riding it after even if it could be repaired.

    'twas a sad day!

    Will post the rest of the build in memory lol

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kaaaaaaandries goes slave!

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