• Your photo skills are improving!

    Bike looks awesome... is it finished for the time being? (other than mudguards obvs).

    Also, how's the clearcoat holding up?

  • Think it helps not taking pics indoors/back yard. But cheers.
    Erm, are they ever finished? Yes, I think, mudguards back on, rear light to go back on the saddle bodge I made.
    Looking at getting some blackwall tyres for winter, stop the Paselas from getting completely shitted up.
    Clear coat seems to be doing ok, couple of places where there's discolouration, I was wondering if that still happens under colour powdercoat, but you just don't see it.
    Gonna ride it through winter, then maybe get Winston to remove a couple of rack mounts from the rear dropouts, and the one off the rear brake bridge, never gonna go full touring (just not my thing) so don't really need them, then get him to powdercoat it black with silver sparkley bits in it.

  • are they ever finished


    black with silver sparkley bits in it.


  • Cheers cups, valuable input! ;)

  • Keepin' it concise :)

  • Plans are afoot (mental bike building during idle moments) for a single speed commuter build, anything to consider other than a Brother All Day?
    Obviously I would need a new rear hub (120mm/28h/free), ss cog (what's best, but not White Ind money?), and a 3/32 chainring and chain, everything else I already have.

  • I do suggest a Genesis One Day ss
    Best commuter ever.

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  • Immediately discounted because it's got brakes in the wrong place.

  • They did a rim brake day-one is 2015.. I have one and it's been great..

    Steel fork too

  • I had a 2011 Day One, can be found earlier in this thread, cracking bike.

  • A frustrating morning has been had in the Tea household, one gravelking set up tubeless, the other with a tube in, even the compressor at my (or should that be "the"?) lbs couldn't get it to seat on the rim, ah well.
    In further idle moments I've now ruled out a single speed, now working on Winston bike mk2, which could probably be best described as a Varonha Thunder Clap Canti (just idle thoughts currently, but still, it gives my brain summat to do).

  • Success! Both front and rear tyres are now set up tubeless, with nothing but a track pump and a bit of soapy water, oh, and a change of wheels.
    Picked up my Pacenti Forza/ Hope RS4 wheels yesterday (they were meant to go on the Genesis), taped them up this morning (Stans rim tape) and thought I'd try one out with the GKs, no sealant, quick squirt of soapy water around the bead, few sharp blasts with the track pump, inflation elation! So I had matching wheels I did the same with the front, took a bit more grunt on the pump, again, success. Just need to get the hairdryer out, to help remove the many stickers Pacenti put on the Forza rims, and we're all done.

  • Tidy

  • What racks are those?

  • iRack brand both, can’t remember the models (there are tons)

  • @atk and @Thrasher cheers both, so glad I climbed out of my April/May funk (when it looked likely I was going to sell it), fuckin love it, best bike I've ever owned, so good in fact, I want another one along similar lines (but with smaller wheels and fatter tyres).

  • bit nice this, eh

  • Trying to load BikeCad on an old laptop is a rather frustrating experience, one more go then I'm off into town to buy paper, a protractor, a ruler, and a compass set (old school is the only school!).

  • It appears old school is not the only school. Bikecad finally loaded, I've had a little play, not far off how I thought it would look, just a slight niggle, couldn't figure out how to alter the headtube length, wanted it to be 145mm.

  • Sticking to the title of this thread, the Equilibrium, r7000 105 shifters and derailleurs, and the TRP 957 brake calipers will be up for grabs soonish, if anyone is interested.

  • 145mm? What is this a 58cm Surly?! ;)

  • No, not quite. Hopefully it'll be another Winston bike, 145mm with the shortened fork (for 650b) gets my bars slightly higher than the Equilibrium.
    Looking at 650b rando type frames in my size 145mm is about spot on, think Crust Lightning Bolt and Soma Grand Rando, whilst also doing away with unnecessary spacers.

  • This sounds fantastic. Forever in awe of anyone who is confident enough to play around with their own bicycle geometry and measurements. Canti, yeah?

    Curios how much overlap there was between winston v1 and the equilibrium?

  • It's not too difficult, it's not like I'm trying stuff that hasn't been done before, Winston 1.0 was based on my All City Mr Pink, just a bit beefier, and that suited me very nicely, so I know roughly what geo works best for me, and from there on in it's just tiny tweeks, as long as the saddle and bars end up roughly in the same place it's all good.
    As for overlap, very similar, in that they're both road bikes with similar contact point geometry, obviously the Equilibrium can't take 40+mm tyres, but I've fully embraced the chubby tyred road bike way of life, and like to take snacks n other ride essentials so thought I'd try low trail (for front loading) and 650b x 48mm (for extra cush).
    Edit: no, not canti, long drop calipers.

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The Two Bicycles of Varonha. Or, Jontea's blah blah blah.

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