• Cheers Gareth.
    Stem is ordered, a Ritchey WCS C220, 100mm, 6°. But due to bloody Brexit I can't get hold of the seatpost I'm after (to complete the Ritchey bar/stem/seatpost combo).
    If any of our EU based brethren would like to do the honours for me, that would be rather spiffing.

  • EU based brethren

    You rang? What is it you need help with, exactly?

  • Ta very much, but fingers crossed, I think it may be sorted, Bikester ship to the UK still, but showed as only 1 in stock (let's hope Germans stocktake more accurately than the English), if it turns out they don't have it I'll give you a shout.

  • I have had it built up for about a month, though I started with Winston in Feb I think. I watched yours and @jontea builds as they were going along and particularly influenced by @veLLo. The whole experience was great. The bike needs a few adjustments but basically there. Built for comfort

  • Ah, it's brand new!
    Guessing you're not called Max? I remember Winston saying he was working on something for a forum member called Max.

    There's a nice little club of forum Varonhas now.

  • Ooh I really like that version of your bike!

  • Start a thread, " Varonha Onhas"?

    Cheers @veLLo, gonna go out for a proper ride on Saturday, get lost in the Peak District (as I'll be without Mattnav).

  • 100% "Varonha Onhas", that cracked me up!

  • I am indeed that Max

  • Ah amazing! Glad it all worked out : )

  • All being well, I will soon be the owner of some MUSA bike jewellery, along with a little bit (about 35mm) of Nitto goodness.
    The hipsterisation has begun.

  • Many thanks to @paulbiche
    Sold me his Paul Racer centre pull calipers. Front Funky Monkey from SJS, just waiting on a rear FM to arrive.
    Happy days!

  • Front brake fitted.
    That was a bit of a faff, like the first time I ever set up a pair of cantis properly, getting the pressure equal on both sides, centering the crown bolt/plate. Now it's on and adjusted nicely it works at treat, and, most importantly, looks absolutely fantabulous
    Gonna give Winston a shout over the weekend, enquire about getting some mounts fitted, fingers crossed he'll be able to fit it in sometime in the new year, then, obviously, it'll need painting. I have a few ideas, colour wise:
    1) Black with unicorn piss sparkles
    2) Pink, means finding black Roubaix bartape, not bold enough for mismatched pinks
    3) Yellow, like a yellow bike, who doesn't?

  • getting the pressure equal on both sides

    I found this to be easier on cantis than Paul tbh. The only issue sometimes is rounding off those tiny allen bolts sometimes.

    They are great brakes though.

  • Due to being centre pulls and the fork mounting plate, if one bits off, then it's a whole restart from scratch, as any tiny adjustment just makes matters worse.
    They'll be a lot easier to set up once direct mounted, if the recessed bolt mounting plate is slightly out then everything is miles out, but once square they were ok.
    Agreed, although I only tested it around the block (yes, it's weekend, therefore it's pissing down in Cheshire), it feels better than a normal caliper.

  • all of this

  • Had a chat with Winston, frame n fork are going back to him at the end of the year to have the bosses added for the Paul Racers, and a couple of other minor alterations, and then getting powder coated, he's using Aurum now for his powder coating, which is nice.
    On the Genesis front, rims have been ordered, just gotta wait for the hubs to become available, then it'll have it's own wheelset, rather than sharing with Winston bike.

  • couple of other minor alterations

    Do tell!

  • he's using Aurum now for his powder coating

    Did he say why Mario isnt doing it anymore?

  • Nothing too exciting. Removal of the rack mounts, I'm never gonna use em, and widening the gap between the seat post binder, so I can fit a rear brake cable hanger dangler thing in the gap.

  • As far as I'm aware Mario does wet paint not powder coat, so if paint is yer thing Mario does it, if powder then Aurum now do it.

  • The best laid plans of......... Paul Racers and a 1 1/8 front Funky Monkey are going up for sale this weekend!
    Will post an ad tomorrow when I've taken the front caliper off the bike, and taken pics.

  • Too long? Not enough space between hanger and straddle?

  • None of the above.
    Got home last night, put the hi-fi/stereo on, 5 mins later a fizzing sound, no more tunes, buying new stereo trumps boutique brakes (just)!

  • Nothing really to update, except a pic of Winston bike by a nice oak tree. Won't be long before the mudguards need to go back on.

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The Two Bicycles of Varonha. Or, Jontea's blah blah blah.

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