• Compiled by an idiot with too much time on his hands. Over the weekend I've filled/emptied the basket several times, spoke with my dad early today (just for a natter), he asked what was I up to? I told him, his response "you're only here once, just fuckin buy it!", I usually listen to his sage advice, but still procrastinating!

  • What about that custom stem from Winston? Still part of the plan?

  • Haven't you had one of these already?

  • @veLLo, no stem plans yet, just using what I've already got in the shed, currently running a S Works SL -12° 90mm.
    @atk, had an Equilibrium 853 and 631disc, but never a 725......until now!

  • I see! Take it this is going to be a dedicated winter/mudguard bike?

  • Not really, no, I don't do seasonal bikes, it's just that I fancied having another bike and I like steel, I like Reynolds tubing, I like caliper brakes, and green is my favourite colour.
    A summer bike is just a winter bike without mudguards as far as I'm concerned.

  • Fair enough!

  • Frustratingly the frameset and groupset didn't get delivered this week, had planned on a Saturday build (as it's absolutely pissing down here), so now I'm just Zen bike building, contemplation/visualisation.

  • A small proportion of what goes into making a bicycle.

  • Not sure what's going on with my order, nothing delivered, no coin has left my account (disappeared from my pending payments), seems like they (bike shop) have cancelled my order for some unknown reason, with zero communication from them. Anyone experienced similar?
    Will give em a call tomorrow.

  • this is not a good development, soon come the pretty and practical steel road bike

  • SPA are abit shit. I asked for a wheelbuild in 700c and they built them in 650b. Email is slow. Best off calling them I have found.

  • A good development it definitely is not.
    Never had a problem with Spa in the past, I phoned last Tuesday to add summat to the order and was informed it had been shipped already, will find out tomorrow I guess, it's more the lack of communication that's vexing me.

  • lack of communication that's vexing

    Always is, isn’t it? Hope it comes soon

  • We have comms!
    Apparently frame was out of stock, does nobody in the cycling business (at least the selly end) do stocktakes?
    And...... apparently it is now in stock, so will be getting dispatched tomorrow 24hr, what's wrong with today, who knows?

  • Just had dispatch confirmation email, fingers crossed it'll all arrive tomorrow!
    I realise the good people of Harrogate have only just got mains gas and electric, so one can only hope that customer service/relations isn't too far off, never had a shop say " shall we just cancel the order then?" to me, obviously raking it in so not worried about losing a sale worth a grand, fuckin knob heads.

  • Good news. It's likely an automated process, right? One would hope anyway.

  • The offer to cancel the order was from a member of staff, over the phone.
    When I tried to explain my frustration at the lack of communication I was told they don't have time to deal with delays on customer orders, then get more staff, or get out of retail, it's part of the fuckin job!

  • Oh! Hahaha - mad.

  • I realise the good people of Harrogate have only just got mains gas and electric

    My partner is from there, they call it 'the knightsbridge of the north'. However SpaCycles is the BLB of the north when it comes to cusomter service some times, I remember several years ago ordering some Brooks bar tape from them, after a while I phoned up to find out what was happening and they said "oh, we havent got it in yet - should be a week or so"

  • I've had the exact same happen tome with Spa before too - them cancelling the order with very poor communication.

  • Harrogate is a bit rah-rah for up 'ere, but Spa Cycles is in Starbeck which is very much the grimmer end of town.

  • I've heard tell that the Gaffer is a bit of a one.

    I'll still buy stuff off them cos they have good stuff like chainrings and whatnot.

  • they have good stuff like chainrings

    yes they're own brand rings are good, I got a narrow wide and guard from them - good quality and minimal branding

  • part of me rather likes their approach, as frustraighting as it may be to be on the receiving end.

    maybe i just love to be negged

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Jontea's Varonha (and other bits of steel I've seen fit to throw money at).

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