• Compiled by an idiot with too much time on his hands. Over the weekend I've filled/emptied the basket several times, spoke with my dad early today (just for a natter), he asked what was I up to? I told him, his response "you're only here once, just fuckin buy it!", I usually listen to his sage advice, but still procrastinating!

  • What about that custom stem from Winston? Still part of the plan?

  • Haven't you had one of these already?

  • @veLLo, no stem plans yet, just using what I've already got in the shed, currently running a S Works SL -12° 90mm.
    @atk, had an Equilibrium 853 and 631disc, but never a 725......until now!

  • I see! Take it this is going to be a dedicated winter/mudguard bike?

  • Not really, no, I don't do seasonal bikes, it's just that I fancied having another bike and I like steel, I like Reynolds tubing, I like caliper brakes, and green is my favourite colour.
    A summer bike is just a winter bike without mudguards as far as I'm concerned.

  • Fair enough!

  • Frustratingly the frameset and groupset didn't get delivered this week, had planned on a Saturday build (as it's absolutely pissing down here), so now I'm just Zen bike building, contemplation/visualisation.

  • A small proportion of what goes into making a bicycle.

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Jontea's Varonha (and other bits of steel I've seen fit to throw money at).

Posted by Avatar for jontea @jontea