Jontea's Varonha (and everything that preceded it)

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  • I saw a big cardboard box with your name on it the other day...

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  • Aye, got collected from Winston on Tuesday, so fingers crossed tomorrow or Friday for delivery, if not then it'll get built next weekend not this.

  • As promised, a couple of shit pics of a lovely frameset!

  • Wooo! Build this weekend? Bet you're very pleased.

  • Yep, off to lbs first thing tomorrow to get the headset cups pressed in, and get the steerer tube trimmed. Mr Pink has been stripped, just need to clean the derailleurs and chainset, then fit new cables, brakes and pads, bolt everything together, then take more shit photos of it for everyone's viewing pleasure.
    Photographer friend will take some decent pics for me some time in early February.
    Absolutely delighted with it, spent a good 10 mins trying to unwrap it, never play pass the parcel with Mr Vaz, that man knows how to wrap shit up good n proper. Speaking of Mr Vaz ( @skalliwag ) cheers very much, you are a legend sir.

  • Oulala!
    Good luck with the built today!

  • A few frame shots to keep you all entertained whilst I build it up and drink hot tasty beverages.

  • That rear bridge... Oof

  • Nice to see it in more detail, those first couple of photos are uniquely uninformative!
    Enjoy the build and tea : )

  • Hey, uniquely uninformative was what I was aiming for, don't wanna blow yer wad from the get go, gotta build up to these things.
    @Cupcakes same rear bridge as @.gaz. , only slightly wider!

  • Off for a smoke n brew, here's progress so far.
    how to post pictures on google

  • Chain away from done. Smoke n brew break again.

  • Done (for now, obviously needs mudguards).

  • Ah I see, it's a PR strategy!

  • Looking good!
    Bet you're shitting yourself with excitement... Off for a ride tonight, or waiting for the morning?!

  • Gonna wait til morning, think I'll put it in front of the tv, and just watch it tonight. Very pleased with it, I don't do giddy (much), but I am feeling a bit of nervous excitement!

  • classic @jontea photography ;)


    Whats happening to all city?

  • You've smashed it with this build I reckon. Each rider shall choose their own brake and 'bar preference, but otherwise that looks to be a perfect all-rounder.

  • I've done a lot of bike watching recently! Have fun tomorrow : )

  • @amey, I can't seem to take a good picture if I try, angles always seem wrong, then again using a £75 tablet isn't doing me any favours, may be time to buy a camera, and watch some online tutorials.
    Mr Pink is awaiting a deep clean, then possibly for sale.
    @Cupcakes, yep bars, brakes and saddles, always the bits that make you think "ooh, I wouldn't have done that", but venturemax bars are super comfy, the brakes, well we'll see (needed to save money somewhere). I've done all I can to improve them, Koolstop salmon pads and Jagwire pro cables.
    @.gaz. can't wait for the maiden ride, and apparently it's not going to rain here tomorrow (always a bonus when your mudguards are out of stock).

  • What guards will you choose @jontea ?

  • Gonna go with Bluemels if lbs can get em, want black 50(ish)mm, without paying Honjo prices. Think VO do a set, Zeppelins, so that's an alternative.

  • classic @jontea photography ;)

    What a tease!

    Looking great even out of focus!

  • I'll try to get one in focus and outdoors tomorrow.

  • Bluemels can be good (I've used the 53mm) but I reckon this deserves posh guards. Funnily enough I assumed you'd say VO Zeppelins.

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Jontea's Varonha (and everything that preceded it)

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