Jontea's Varonha (and everything that preceded it)

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  • Very nice! I have the same Silca pump on my Mr Pink, it fits very pleasingly above the top tube on the extended headtube, allowing room for a frame bag underneath. Which brakes are you using? I've got some second-hand Tektro ones that don't give me much confidence descending at all, I'm looking to upgrade before the weather turns.

  • Cheers. Put my Topeak Road Blaster pump back on, gonna sell the Silca (don't need both, and the Silca will go for more coin).
    The brakes are Tektro r539, will Koolstop pads, just change the pads, the brakes work fine, but stock pads are shit. But better brakes wise, you're looking at TRP or Velo Orange.

  • Looks class! Very much after a steel road bike that can actually clear 30's - found the lezyne xl power levers (they come in at about 15cm long) a god send for tricky to persuade tyre-rim combinations. This came after snapping about 3 pairs of the pedros ones!

  • They are getting thin on the ground, All City don't do the Mr Pink anymore, Surly shelved the Pacer, Soma and Genesis are still offering non disc steel frames, if I was after one now, Genesis would probably get my money.
    Been looking at one of those tyre jack type fitting tools, but secretly hoping they give a little before I need to take em off again.

  • Cheers! I think I might go for the TRPs when I get paid. The brakes I have at the minute are fine for razzing around London/Surrey in the dry but had a couple of hilly rides in Yorkshire recently and they weren't really up to it.

  • Setup for winter. Managed to squeeze the guards around the Spesh tyres, TRP brake levers, Ritchey venturemax comp 46cm bars, Dura Ace dt shifters.

  • This looks so good. I really love those trp levers - a very pleasing lever to brake with :)

  • Cheers. They are lovely levers.

  • This looks great : )
    I'd be interested to hear how the Spa chainrings are holding up?

    They seem to be of the the only classic-looking 110bcd chainrings available in the magic combo of silver / 11 speed.

  • Cheers Gareth. So far so good with the spa chainrings, obviously not TA standard, but not TA money either.

  • I've had a rather eventful/productive few days. Started with an email, then a phone conversation, then some more emails, add in the mix DMs with @.gaz. , then the hiring of a van, a 450 mile round trip, about 4hrs chatting with a couple of brothers in SE13.
    Absolutely bollocksed, but so very happy/excited.

  • oooooooooh what is it?

  • I mean it's obviously some kind of bike and the Vaz brothers have been involved...:)

  • Yes it is, and yes they have.
    It'll be more or less Mr Pink on steroids, bigger tyres, calipers, fork crown, chainstays, with some (not many) stainless polished adornments

  • That sounds ace.

  • Only realised this was happening because of what you wrote on my thread.
    More pictures please!

  • I am just round the corner! Could have come for coffee.

  • Would love to post more pictures, but don't have any frame ones to post (that headbadge is just off his website), I will hopefully have a pic to post in the new year.
    @amey it was hard enough getting to Winston's place (drivers are fookin nuts at 6:30 on the A2!), and once I'd finished chatting, really needed to get home, I'll give you a shout when I come down next.
    I have a pic of some of the parts, not exciting in any way, at all.

  • Veeery exciting. What are your brake plans? DT shifters?

    Sometimes I dream of a Rivendell then realise there are builders in the uk who could do the same thing, arguably better, for less. Then I get confused with all the options!

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  • The build kit for the bike will be essentially everything off my All City, bar the headset and brake calipers (which for now will be Tektro r559, with the Koolstop salmon thinline pads and Jagwire pro cable set). My idea is to get everything fitting nice with what I have, then gradually replace/upgrade parts once I'm sure everything is in the right place.
    Parts that are definitely staying are:
    Shimano Dura Ace dt shifters
    TRP brake levers
    Ritchey Venturemax Comp 46cm bars
    Nitto S65 seatpost
    Specialized Power ti saddle
    Mavic Open Pro UST wheelset
    Shimano Ultegra SPD pedals
    Parts to replace/upgrade once I'm happy:
    Stem: upgrade to Nitto Rhonda
    Brake Calipers: Paul Racer
    Chainset: whatever is nice in 165mm and sub compact (White/VO/Sugino?)
    These items will be long term changes, replaced or upgraded as things wear out, or sufficient funds allow.
    Waiting on confirmation from Winston, then I'll post some frame numbers.
    May start a new cp thread for this build.

  • pls do!

    Brake Calipers: Paul Racer

    aw shit!

  • Ha, I too dream of having a Riv or a Crust, then once you've taken into account shipping and import costs, cheaper to go UK custom built, and also means you get to use the skills of one of our many metal glueing craftspersons.
    Edit: and of course the hipster tax that's associated with Riv/Crust et al.

  • What you 'aw shitting' about?
    Edit: is that a) fookin ace!
    b) you fookin hipster twat!

  • Any chance anyone with bikecad skills could knock me up a rough comparison of two rear ends?
    BB drop 70mm
    Seat angle 74°
    Seat tube length 515mm (c-t)
    One with chainstay length of 425mm, tother with cs length of 432mm (or in old money, 16.75" and 17")
    Wheel /tyre radius 370mm.

  • Sounds incredible. Excellent move to stick with what already works and upgrade over time.

    Brake Calipers: Paul Racer

    I was hoping it would be this! Bolt mount or posts welded in?

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Jontea's Varonha (and everything that preceded it)

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