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  • Brief ride report.
    Route: Congleton- Crewe- Nantwich- Wrenbury- Malpas- Bangor on Dee- Ruabon- Llangollen- Corwen- Bala. And back.
    Saturday didn't start well for me, meeting the group at 8am at local village hall, alarm set for 6:30, slept through that, got a call at 8:15 that woke me up, lads came to my house, no breakfast or brew for me, left mine at 8:30.
    We made good time, quite uneventful, Malpas first stop for a brew and scones at a lovely little cafe.
    Pushed on through Bangor on Dee to Llangollen, where we got on the towpath for a bit, more tea taken at Llangollen canal cafe, stunning views from the outside seating area.
    Then came much suffering, outward journey was definitely backloaded, too much hill, too much breeze, just too much. Didn't hit the wall, but was suffering, did consider getting off and having a cry, but nah, just spun the gears, and was so elated to drop into Bala. 8 hours out, about 6 n a bit riding time.
    Stopped in Bala Backpackers hostel, showered, stretched, off out for beer n feed.
    Right, question for our Welsh members, does Brains bitter always taste like vinegar? Pints left, off to different ale house, guest ales and lovely food enjoyed by all. I had the paella, beautiful.
    Back to hostel in pissing rain, early to bed, not much sleep due to snoring members of the group, and boisterous guests.
    Drizzle this morning, egg butty, tea and juice, and we're off by 8:30.
    Yesterday's slog into Bala became today's chance to get the hills out the way early, into Llangollen in 1hr 30, we were really flying along, onto towpath to Trevor, got a bit tired so eased our way into Bangor on Dee for brew and chocolate, revitalised and still making excellent time, straight through Malpas, only for the promised biblical rain to make itself known to us, cracked on, Nantwich came n went, into Crewe, last brew, last push back to Congleton. We left Bala at 8:30, I had the kettle on (at home) at 14:30.
    Glorious ride, some shit weather, some personally testing moments. 4 riders/bikes, 1 puncture, about 150ish total miles covered.
    (Please note route data not off my bike, I peeled off, live different part of town, but you get the basic idea).

  • Considering going 2x10 on the Mr Pink, 46/33 with 11-32 out back. Looking at Spa cycles own Zircal rings, they also have TA rings, both made of same material. So, what does the extra coin for TA get me?

  • I couldn’t really tell. A brand name?! I went cheap last time I bought. Spa are good guys, you could ring and ask

  • I think maybe you're right, TA probably has slightly better finish to it, but would I really notice?
    Spa Zircal it is, I think.

  • Just putting a feeler out, would there be any interest in a Specialized Dolce (think it's a sport), 2016/17, size 44cm? Bought it for my step daughter, she's not really using it, and as a teenager, would prefer the cash. It's seen very little use, would suit a short woman, or teen looking for a decent first road bike.

  • Just pranged my rear wheel in a pothole, there is an outward bulge about 10mm long up by the tyre bead, tyre has stayed inflated, any chance I can hammer it back in til I can sort a new rim out, or do I risk making it worse by trying to coax it back in?

  • Quick question. Would an Ultegra 10spd cassette fit fine on xt t780 10spd freehub?
    Edit: found it, yes, I'm fine to proceed with my order.

  • Yes. I’ve got Ultegra on XT. I assume 10 speed Shimano are all compatible?

  • It would appear so, after a tiny bit of Google research.

  • After Christmas I'm going 2x10, so SRAM Rival 1 will be for sale, includes 1x11 shifters, medium cage rear derailleur (max 36t), 1170 11-36 11spd cassette, and 2 Hope n/w chainrings (38t and 40t). Haven't thought of price yet, but will put up a classifieds ad when I've got my new setup sorted.
    Happy crimble to all.

  • Having a bit of a clear out in the shed, before my lease runs out.
    Couple of bits for sale in classifieds at the moment, Pirelli Cinturato 32mm tyres, and a Thomson x4 stem.
    More bits to follow during the week. Couple of Hope n/w chainrings and a pair of Mavic Open Pro UST on Shimano r700 105 11spd wheels.

  • Small update. Replaced SRAM 1x with 105 2x10, 105 shifters and derailleurs, Spa cycles chainrings (46,33), Ultegra 12-30 cassette, and managed to bag a Silca frame pump for £40 off eBay. Awaiting new pedals to arrive, as the xt ones are pretty fooked.

  • Man this looks so good, classic cranks really go a long way on bikes with modern drivetrains.

  • Cheers very much. If truth be told the cranks are nowt special, Spa cycles TD2, which appear to be made by Sugino, I don't really like any modern cranks, apart from White Industries offering, but they're way beyond my budget.

  • Looks great.. what size are the tyres?? they look beefy.. much clearance??

  • 32mm with plenty of clearance, enough for guards too.

  • Real nice. A proper modern classic one-bike-stable.

  • Ta. It was for sale, then realised I'd spent quite a bit (for me) on it, and All City stopped making them, gone disc only, so that was even more incentive to keep it. Done an overnighter on it with carradice roll and audax bag, had 32mm gravelkings on for towpath and bridleway (faux gravel) stuff, it's a commuter, and my Sunday best. It's perfect for me.

  • New pedals arrived today, Shimano A600, put em on, clipped in, made me realise how sloppy and worn the XTs were. Ordered some bartape for the lads I ride with, apparently Wiggle don't deem bartape wrapping as a job worthy of a packet of Haribo, bugger!
    Another upgrade incoming, 2x10 ultegra 6700 shifters off @shroppy, looking forward to getting them fitted, hopefully next weekish.
    So once they arrive 2x10 105 5700 shifters will be for sale if anyone's interested? (Will put in classifieds once ultegras are fitted).

  • Friend just dropped this round for me to have a play with. Looks like 004088 frame number.
    <a target='_blank' href

  • Claud Butler Olympic Road 531 frame and forks, Campagnolo Valentino front derailleur, Campy downtube shifters, Sakae Silstar chainset, Weinmann 999 centre pull brakes, Rigida 27" wheels, Brooks B17 saddle, all in a very sorry state, frame is very thin in places, with plenty of rust and blisters. Still, clean it up, give it him back, he can hang it on his garage wall.

  • Did get round to fitting Ultegra shifters. Pic also to show off new handlebar bag made by Straight Cut, Edinburgh.

  • Couple of pieces away from complete, waiting for lbs to reopen, so they can build my new wheels, and awaiting on Keep Pedalling (Manchester) getting Salsa Cowbell Deluxe bars in silver for me, and when funds permit vo grand cru or trp brake calipers.

  • Not much has changed, apart from bars (swapped from black to silver cowbells) and new hubs have been built up with my spare Mavic rims, they have a very pleasing angry wasp hum when free wheeling, not quite Hope territory though.
    Saturday ride group went through a bit of pain today, you know, just for shits n giggles.

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