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  • No way, the best thing about bikes is that they don't get less fun as you get older. Don't sell!

  • It's gotta go!
    (Not really going golfing or fishing, just bought a new frame, so need the room, and bits off the Pacer).
    Pacer frameset for sells very soonish.

  • Some shiny bits have arrived.
    Gone for a bit of Japanese craftsmanship, Nitto S65 seat post.
    Cane Creek 40 headset, silver.
    Ever dependable, not expensive, Tektro R539 brake calipers, polished.
    3 1/2 hours of last night was spent fitting a pair of tyres. I have sore thumbs, blisters, and a lot less rim tape than I started the evening with. Love Gravelkings, but fresh out the box, they are a fookin pain to fit onto Mavic Open Pro UST rims. After several goes, gave up, then thought to try and stretch the tyres a bit, stood on em, pulled bead up with all my might (not much of that), rotated, repeated........, finally success, two fitted tyres, then came the job of inflating with just my trust track/floor pump, eventually inflation achieved, gunk applied, still holding pressure this morning. Phew.

  • What frame?

  • All City Mr Pink. Similar to Pacer, longer head tube, better quality steel, and imo a very nice paint job.
    Parts wise, got fed up with everything black, so thought I'd try shiny, though I do now have a decent parts bin of black parts in case I change my mind.
    Frameset should arrive early next week, straight to lbs to borrow headset press, and cut steerer tube. Then I plan on taking my time to build it up, but giddiness will get the better of me, probably do it all in an evening, we'll see.

  • Frame landed today, trip to lbs to cut steerer and fit headset after work, then dashed home to start building Mr Pink, and simultaneously dismantling the Pacer for the required parts.
    Frame and a few shiny bits.

    Lovely frameset, gonna leave the 20mm of spacers til I get it dialled in properly, then cut off what steerer I don't need, probably another 10-15mm from Pacer measurements.

  • First proper ride impressions, stunning bicycle. Think I've gone and done it now, never have I been so comfortable on a bike. We didn't do a long ride, only 25 miles, but it was hill after hill, the Mr Pink frameset is wonderful for my kind of riding, I know they're expensive, but to me, worth it. Really pleased with my component choices too, only things I need to change are the stock Tektro brake pads, but I already knew that, koolstop salmons I think will improve matters considerably.

  • Bike looks sweeeet, also sound like it from the initial review!

    Something like a Ritchey neoclassic would go really well with the frame and the build though.

  • Bike 10/10
    Photography 2/10

  • I know, I like flared bars, if only salsa did a polished cowbell.

  • Yeah, yeah. Was late when I finished building had had no tea and no shower, and needed my bed. Poorly lit dining room, and greasy, tired hands do not make for good photography. Will take a better pic when I get out n about with my camera.
    Glad you like the build though.

  • Ahh, they’re cowbells. I love mine, wouldn’t replace them with anything!

  • After a new saddle, the Phenom on this was just to get it up and running, and has now been sold to @amey.
    My bum seems to get on with Specialized saddles, whilst at my lbs this evening a spesh power saddle peaked my interest, anybody ridden one, and your thoughts?

  • Have power on my main bikes and thinking of buying the women mimic one soon. Go for it

  • No thoughts but was comfy on both romin and phenom and power is just better. Even without bibs

    The pro stealth is not working for me. Nose is too wide I think.

  • Just had to Google Pro Stealth, that has got a chunky nose. Think I may go for it, I'll give them a call tomorrow, see if they can get one in my width.
    Cheers for the input.

  • It's your balls man. Or maybe it's my weird balls.

    Plus side with the stealth is that they've got two holes underneath the shell you can fit more Pro stuff to. Or 3d print whatever.

    Try a power too ;)

  • Don’t Specialized do a saddle trial program through some dealers?

  • They do, but my lbs would let me return stuff, in saleable condition anyway.
    No phenom comp in my size til December, a power expert, in my size, sat on the shelf, nice discount, one ti railed spesh power to go under my bum. Will report on comfort once I've test ridden it tomorrow.
    If all goes well there will be a Specialized Avatar saddle, 155mm, in immaculate condition for sale soon.

  • If you don't find it comfy in horizontal position, go a few degrees nose up

  • Cheers for the advice. Have set it up level, quick spin round the block felt ok, will know more tomorrow, gonna take the longer way home.

  • Wow! Firm but so comfortable, took a couple of tweeks to get the position right, but now it's there. May have to buy another one, just to stick in the spares cupboard.

  • Now with added Pirellis.

  • Looking sharp ! Very nice with silver bits. I've got same frameset in the post. First new new bike in a while. Can't wait ! Will go all black kit, black king, maybe try and murder out some rotor cranks. plus black pelago guards. Why you no guards ?

    So effing eager. Just sent distributor an eta mail. He said 2 weeks 3 weeks ago.

  • I have guards now. Don't usually bother with them, but this weekend me and three others have ridden to Bala from Congleton ( Cheshire) and back. The forecast wasn't good and I wanted to keep as dry as possible.
    They are brilliant frames, lovely to ride.
    This was pre ride shot.

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