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  • I like em too. Currently the cross check is sat in the shed without wheels (as they are on the Pacer), until Monday next week, my birthday, when my new wheels will be going on. Mavic open pro ust on xt t780 hubs, built by my lbs.

  • Anyone know where I can get hold of a 110bcd 5 bolt 10spd chainring smaller than 33t? Or am I looking for summat that doesn't exist?
    Ideally looking to run 46/30, without having to purchase new cranks.

  • I'm fairly sure you would need a subcompact crank for chainrings that small...

  • Try absolute black.

    Not cheap.

    And a dumb shape.

    I have them.

  • Cheers for the replies fellas. Absolute black more than I wanted to spend, may just go for a 33 inner, gives me quite a low bottom gear, whilst leaving my wallet a bit happier.

  • Yeah I think 33t is the smallest possible for 110 BCD - was looking for exactly the same recently, got a Spécialités TA 33t from Tweeks Cycles for £20ish, and the bolt holes are as far out as they could be/teeth as far in to the circle as could be.

  • Yeah, looked at them after I'd posted the question, 33 it is.

  • Due to a dramatic change in my personal situation, the cross check will be for sale soon, preferably as a complete bike.
    Having to use wi-fi at work, mine gets installed on the 23rd of this month, will throw up a classifieds then.

  • Cross check frameset has sold. Wheels, tyres, gearing, tyres and other bits for sale here:­19/#comment14838295

  • .

  • That's too bad, I liked the cross check build. Hope your life isn't too dramatic.

  • I loved it, but only room for one bike now, and they don't make Pacers any more, so that had to stay. Anyway Pacer build is pretty similar, just with slightly skinnier tyres.
    Life is pretty fuckin dramatic, but it's getting on track, maybe a different track, but at least it's on the tracks now.

  • Pacer with added Rival 1, 46cm Cowbells, Shimano r7000 hubs with new spokes n nipples.

  • What are them wobbly rims? (Sorry I'm a bit out of touch...)

  • Mavic Open Pro UST, 19mm internal, tubeless, 32h.

  • PDW mudguards away from hell yeh.

  • Not with these tyres, not getting guards anytime soon.

  • It’s so good!

  • Cheers. Only done the commute today with this set up, Sunday will be the test, going for a group ride in the Peak District, not long 30-40 miles, but a fuck load of climbing, and hopefully tea n flapjack along the way.

  • Sounds fun, I’ll look forward to the pictures and the ride report ;)

  • 19mm internal

    What tire size you're managing with that?

  • Had 43mm Gravelkings on em, on the Cross check, the ones on the Pacer are 32mm.
    43mm felt good, run tubeless, about 30-35 psi front, 35-40 rear, never felt squirmy.
    I may be wrong, but we used to run 2.1" tyres on skinny rims without troubles, but I think people are over thinking tyre/rim width combos.
    I understand that at the extremes you need to go wide, but for general riding does it matter that much?

  • I understand that at the extremes you need to go wide, but for general riding does it matter that much?

    I've got no idea, I've used 35c on open pros, was fine. The tires were a bit crap. On my bike that can take bigger tires I was last using 28c, which worked better for the specific use I was using the bike for (it's now in parts awaiting a re spray and re build) but I'd go with bigger tires again...

  • Right fuck it!
    I'm done with this cycling lark, I'm 46 and playing on a god damn kids toy.
    Thinking golf or fishing.
    Therefore Pacer is for sale!

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