Jontea's Varonha (and everything that preceded it)

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  • Still not letting me upload pics. Any help @Velocio?

  • > upload images > copy direct link > click the image button in the reply form > paste the link, press OK

    should do the job :)

  • Don't know if this is gonna work.

  • Guess not. I fookin hate 'puter stuff!

  • .

  • It's only gone and worked. Still hate 'puter stuff though.
    I know, mudguards could be fitted better, it was a faff and a missed rugby game to get that far, so they are staying like that for now.

  • When I have more time, and good weather is forecast, I shall remove rack n guards, throw on the Nanos, and go for a spin through the local woods. So pleased there's room for those tyres.
    First day of commuting on it today, felt smooth and stable, neutral, in a good way. Not convinced I'm getting the best out of the spyres, catching a bit, makes em a bit noisy. Don't know if I need to fettle em or if the discs might be off true. When I have more time I will investigate further.

  • A couple of changes happening,finally got the X4 stem on, not really getting on with the bar end shifters, so have bought some 105 brifters off evil bay. Therefore, Dura ace bar end shifters for sale. Pics to follow.
    Loving the frame, would recommend.

  • 105 sti shifters fitted, lot happier now, liking the reach adjustment, means I can get a proper hold of the brake lever from the drops. If anyone's interested, Croix carbon fork for sale, unused, uncut steerer (in classifieds).
    Pics to follow.

  • Sorry for the crappy pic. Nice n dry, so mudguards off and Nanos on. They are surprisingly good on road.

  • Better pic, took the scenic way home. May have to find an alternative to the front bag, rattles around and the velcro comes undone over rough ground.

  • Hopefully by the end of the month I will have enough scrounged together to get a Carradice super c saddlepack, and I'm gonna give the original carbon forks a go.

  • Let us know what the clearance is like with the nanos on the carbon fork.

  • Enough, already tried it in the bike shed before I comitted to having the steerer chopped.

  • Hey out of curiosity have you even tried to fit the m18 rack to the carbon forks.

    seems the racks will fit on the old croix forks lowrider mounts, or maybe they are extra long struts.

  • Carbon forks have longer a-c, about 10mm to short, have a rear bag, but may fashion some longer struts, when I can be arsed.

  • Seems I didn't need to fashion new struts for the rack, took the crown bracket to work, me and mechanic weighed the job up, brew and a couple of rollies later, hammered the fooker straight, brought it home, and offered it up, fits perfect!

  • Some fooker is gonna have to buy my Day One.....please!!!!!!
    Absolutely stoney broke, may end up having to sell some of this!
    I fookin love and hate money with equal measure. Why can't life be simple?

  • Had plenty of interest in my Day One I have for sale, but when it comes down to it, nobody seems to want to cough up the cash. So, if the shit hits the fan, this may have to go instead, just gauging interest at the mo, £300 f/f + postage if needed. Cheshire based, but in Manchester most weekdays.
    Cheers. Jon

  • So, need to ease my money woes, bikes come bikes go.
    Rather than start a new thread I've just renamed this one, it will document the comings and goings of my bike collection, that mainly seems to involve bikes from Genesis.
    Pics will follow in the next week, of changes to my Day One, and of my Croix, which sadly has to go, and may even throw a few of my Equilibrium 853 in, just for documentation.
    After a chat with the good lady wife over a few ciders, we ( I mean she) decided that what was really going on is a fine tuning process, me testing various bikes to find what I really want, and concluding I should have a custom built frame made when I'm 50 (gives time for more experimentation, fine tuning and most importantly, saving some cash).
    Sorry for prattling on.

  • Well, got a few bits sold over the weekend so spent a small proportion of it on a RaceFace narrow/wide and a Ps mech hanger, they arrived yesterday.
    Pics to follow soonish.

  • My Day One given a new lease of life. Now with 105 shifters, Race Face 40t narrow/wide, Problem Solver mech hanger, 105 long cage rear derailleur, 11-28 10spd cassette, Specialized Toupe saddle, Cateye Velo+ wireless computer.

  • .

  • Genesis Croix der fer 52cm 2015 frameset, Hope headset, Deda 100mm stem, Genesis seat collar, Kinesis post, Sdg Bel Air saddle . Unfortunately it has to go!
    See classifieds if interested.

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Jontea's Varonha (and everything that preceded it)

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