• The Horizon were nightmare with tubeless as they’re ancient compare to modern tubeless, and yeah the Rampart I found them equally wooden with the 700 x 38, but really work better on 650b on account of smaller wheel = less weight for similar volume.

    Look into the Vittoria, I think you may find them surprising as the centre is perfectly smooth and felt similar to a road tyres at a slightly higher pressure.

  • Cheers Ed, when the time comes I'll stick the Vittorias on the ' to consider' list.

  • Sorry I did realised I’m kinda pissing on your chip, it’s more that to ensure that your bike feel 100% great, sometime lacklustre tyres can really make or break a bike.

  • Don't apologise, no chips have been pissed on.

  • yeah they did this first time around for me too, some extra sealant in and they will be fine. I've taken off and re-fitted mine a few times and it was only the first time.

    I have been wondering what the choice 650b road tyre is outside of rene hearse

  • Looked yesterday evening what was available, preferably tan wall.
    Rene Herse are top end, but apparently are a bit delicate, so quite possibly road only.
    Panaracer Pari Moto tyres, not tubeless, but could always stick a lightweight tube in.
    Once I've worn the gks out I may give the Horizons another go in that case.
    I'm not in a rush to get a new set, probably next spring.
    Next purchase is mudguards.

  • Had a lovely first summer on Winston 2, looking forward to autumn now, which will see a few changes.
    Just fitted some skinny tyres, 650b x 42mm Paselas (kindly given to me by @atk), an order has been placed for mudguards with the lovely folks at SJS cycles, I've gone for GB stainless, 650 x 50mm.
    I'm also contemplating a handlebar change, current front runners are Nitto m137ssb (in the widest size available).
    I'll stick a pic up when I've got/fitted the mudguards.

  • GB stainless



  • Shiny bits arrived this week.
    GB stainless mudguards and Nitto M137ssb (fantastic name) handlebar.
    So far only the bar got fitted.
    Thought I'd enjoy the lovely weather this morning, a little chilly, but ever so pleasant.
    New bar is great, slightly wider at the hoods, slightly narrower at the ends, more drop, but it wasn't a problem getting down to them, first ride impressions are favourable. Definitely need new bar tape, possibly Newbaums.
    Stopped for a rollie down by the river, ended up sitting, watching and listening for about 30 mins.

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  • I think you made the right choice this morning. Hard to fit mudguards when the sun's shining.

  • Much prefer the compact shape to the venturemax! Fantastic bike

  • Quite. I got them out of the packaging last night ready to have at it this morning, one look out of the window, mind swiftly changed.

  • Ta, loving it.
    Yeah,venturemax bars aren't the best of lookers, but they were comfy for me,just thought I'd give these a go.
    May order VO rando bar too, just to see how they feel.

  • May have hit a bit of a stumbling block regards GB mudguards, the front seems to be perfect, lovely radius without any manipulation, the rear on the other hand is too tight front of tyre to back, so needs re-radiusing outwards, which is achieved by pinching in along it's length, which would be fine if it measured 50mm along it's entire length out the packet, but it does not, 50mm at both ends for about 100mm, then nips in to about 45mm for the rest, leaving no room for manoeuvre width wise.
    Gonna have to give SJS a call tomorrow, but looking at stock it seems I got the last pair of 50mm guards. Bit irritated.
    Have also swapped stems over today, put on a 100mm, +6°, feels a lot comfier having the bars higher, and marginally nearer (reach wise).
    So when @Biggles567 is ready to make me a stem I know what I'm gonna have.

    Swings and roundabouts kinda of a day bike wise.

  • You can't re-radius stainless steel mudguards anyway. I've tried with no success, and emailed Berthoud about that, who confirmed that without specialized tools you can't re-radius them like you can with aluminium ones.

    And don't mount them with stress like I did (i.e. don't push or pull them into place with the struts), they will crack.

  • Cheers for the info. Looks like they'll be going back then.
    Which leaves me with four options (in no particular order of preference).

    1. Velo Orange 650b x 50mm snakeskin
    2. Velo Orange 650b x 52mm zeppelin
    3. Not run mudguards at all, and put the 48mm tyres back on
    4. Ask Winston to put canti mounts on f/f, respray, buy some cantis from somewhere, and run 48mm tyres with mudguards.
  • Mudguards are a pain in the hole. Stay in if it's raining.

  • I need to get to work. I like your thinking though.

  • I very much love that bike.

  • I can't see it mentioned anywhere but what brake callipers are these please?

  • Why isn’t 60mm mudguards on that list, clearances? oh wait 650b maybe that’s your max

  • I would get the Zeppelin. They’re nice.

  • Tektro r559 lonnnng drop calipers.

  • Yeah, clearance around the calipers, zeppelins are nice, got em in 700c flavour.

    @Josh cheers.

  • Cheers. Bike is looking fantastic.

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