The Two Bicycles of Varonha. Or, Jontea's blah blah blah.

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  • Couple of pics from this morning's ride.
    Once home, had a HTB then got to work finishing the bike shed.




  • Nice route that, love brickies and Windgather. I started Brickies, Mudhusrt lane, dropped into Whaley, long hill, goyt, Deadmans, back up to brickies home..Long hill is closed to vehicles for 5 MONTHS!!! Bliss.

  • Nice route.
    Yeah, considered Long Hill, but done it before, and for some unknown reason we'd never ridden Windgather/Pym's, so thought I'd put that right today, Matt (the tall fella behind me) fancied Brickworks, so he planned the first half of the route, and I the second.

  • New rims time for the pink bike.
    I've been fitting new tyres this morning, utter bastards to get on, and in the process (due to my herculean strength) I've managed to fold the sidewall of the rim on both sides, so essentially my rear wheel is fucked!
    For now it'll have to be black rims, as that's all I can find in stock anywhere currently.
    Maybe I should stop tinkering, and do more riding.

  • Riding is overrated.

    Get some HED Belgiums!

  • They would be very nice, if a little spendy. Think I've found some Velocity Quills (650b), but can't bring myself to spend on one rim what I can get a pair of Kinlins for.
    Black Kinlin XR31t will do for now, may get some Pacenti Brevets built on Hope hubs (when Pacenti get stock in).

  • And yes, riding is overrated, but would probably save me money!

  • ...but then again, they do look rather lovely.


  • I've managed to fold the sidewall of the rim on both sides

    Just hammer it back in place, with brute force.

  • Really? Will it not weaken the rim?

    Edit: to be honest, it's a bit of a mess, and I wouldn't trust it, I'd always be worrying about it rather than enjoying the ride.

  • Decided black, deep rims would look shit on the pink bike.
    Pacenti don't have stock of Brevet rims, but do seem to have stock of Brevet wheelsets in 32h flavour.

  • I've had buckled rims on mtbs, from failed jumping onto pavement for instance, and the rim hitting the curb. It's not ideal but I've managed to bent it back and it didn't fail. Only rim failures I've experienced was from over worn braking surface. Depends on the extent of the damage of course. If you don't feel it you're probably right.
    Also, I don't mean to ruin your new rim day excitement!

  • You've not ruined anything. Still not sure what I've ordered is in stock (until I get shipping confirmation), so keeping excitement to mild hum at the moment.
    I've only ever had a rim fail on me once, didn't end well, so I'm erring on the side of caution.

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The Two Bicycles of Varonha. Or, Jontea's blah blah blah.

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