The (Two) Bicycle(s) of Varonha.

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  • If you came here looking for Varonha chat, skip to page 19.

    So after giving up on having Rourkes do some work on my Equilibrium 853, getting frustrated waiting for a dockers strike on the west coast of the U S to end, meaning I didn't get a Soma Wolverine, I opted for a 2014 Croix de fer frameset, for £399.99, only to be told they had all gone in my size. FFS!!!!
    Recieved an email the day after that news, to be told I could have a 2015 model for the same price. It arrived today. I am very happy with my choice. I'm getting rid of the carbon fork, to scobes of this parish, and replacing it with a Surly Straggler fork.
    So build list:
    2015 Genesis Croix de fer frame
    Surly Straggler fork
    Mavic A719 to XT centrelock disc hubs
    Sram Rival 50/34 cranks
    Shimano 105 2x10 derailleurs
    Shimano Dura Ace bar end shifters
    Trp spyre disc brakes
    Shimano Slx rotors
    Tektro levers
    Salsa Cowbell 3 bars
    Thomson 0° 90mm X4 stem
    Lizard skins 3.2mm bartape
    Kinesis seatpost
    Sdg Bel Air saddle
    Hope headset
    Hope seat collar
    Vittoria Randonneur pro 35mm tyres
    11-28 cassette
    compressionless cables.
    It's off to have the steerer cut and headset fitted tomorrow. Build and photos to come over the weekend.
    New bike to build up, kids and good lady out all Saturday, so tunes plenty of brews. Happy days.

  • Obligatory picture of all parts laid on the floor!

  • To follow. Probably Friday evening, before I start the build Saturday morning.

  • I would have happily swapped my Straggler fork for your carbon one...

  • I'm sure you would have.

  • I would have happily swapped my Straggler fork for your carbon one...

    Lolo, my dear compatriot, we need to talk crabon forks... Let's not do this here, so that we do not pollute the thread, but I'll post a selection of CX-ish like crabon disc forks with straight 1-1/8 steerer soon, and your views will be required...

  • Your Straggler will still weigh about 19KGs even if you did.

  • Cross Check stripped, parts all cleaned, just can't split the fookin powerlink on my Sram chain!

  • the parts....

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    • 011.jpg
  • Deda stem going on, as bolts in Thomson seized, ah well.
    Just as a test, I tried a different tyre in the rear, just for size........

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    • 012.jpg
  • Nice! How much clearance is left with the Nano?

  • Enough for a bit of mud, not enough for Chromoplastics. Fitted the Rando pros now.
    Working on drivetrain, pics to follow.

  • so farry, so goody......

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  • Brakes fitted. Shifters and gear cables next.

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  • ...

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  • The end is in sight. Just cable adjustments and rack and guard fitting left. Oh and to go and see if I can shift that fookin powerlink!

  • pics to follow ,problem uploading, apparently.

  • Cables adjusted, chain fitted (bloody good is having a split link, if its a one time only!).
    Been up and down road, feels awesome, gears shift superbly, spyres rubbing a bit?, fitting rack and guards now.

  • Still got server error. So no pics til later.

  • You can upload pics on some other server (like Imgur) and then embed them here with a code for forums (just need to copy/paste the link that Imgur provides for the forums!). Genesis is looking good!

  • Cheers. Can't be arsed now. Bike built by 12ish, fookin about with mudguards and rack since. Kinda finished, rides well, just a few minor tweeks. Bike in shed, brew made, gonna watch England v France. 40-0 is my prediction, but then again I was convinced the bike would've been finished by 12.30 and I was going to watch all the games. So don't hold me to that score.

  • good job!

  • I'm guessing you mean the bike building? If so, cheers.
    As for my rugby predictions, jesus, I was way off.
    Jobs left to do, secure rear guard better, adjust brake pads (only just noticed you can adjust both sides- I'm a fookin idiot sometimes), and ride the shit out of it.
    Took it for a spin about 2hrs ago, shop n back, felt solid, I think I finally have a bike the right size for me, loving the Salsa cowbells, bar end shifters may take a little getting used to, but I like em thus far.
    All in all, very happy.

  • Yes was talking about the bike... Although I'm French living in England I had not heard of the rugby and this did not stop me sleeping...

    More pics please (of the bike, not hairy men in shorts...)

  • Will post some when I get home later.

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The (Two) Bicycle(s) of Varonha.

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