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  • Hi guys,

    Can I ask for insurance recommendations?

    Cycle Touring is considered high risk afaik, so to get proper cover I want to ensure I buy from the right people.

    I'm touring in the US next month and I don't wish to be clobbered with medical bills if I should do myself a mischief.

    Any stand-out policy to consider?


  • I've been told to try dogtag. So try them.

  • Massssssive thread dredge, but couldn't find another relevant thread.

    Going to cycling through Europe for 3-6 months this Summer and need travel insurance.
    Have found a few options (global nomad, insure and go) but neither of them really specify whether our gear would be covered as well as our health.

    Does anyone have any recommendations? Or companies to avoid?

  • ETA. Only heard good things.

  • Had a look in to ETA, don't think we can use them because we're not and have never been British residents. Which is a shame, they're very cheap and looked good. World nomads seems the obvious choice but they're very expensive

  • I just get the InsureAndGo annual one. The top one covers you for pretty much everything including races like the TCR.

    I’ve claimed twice now, albeit nothing medical related, and they’ve paid out. On my way out to begin a trip all of my electicals including Garmin and lights were stolen. I bought new ones for a lot more than I originally paid for but they’d only cover the original price. They did, however, pay up for things that I couldn’t find the receipt for things like chargers and headphones that had come with phones.

  • InsureAndGo is the same deal as ETA unfortunately. I'm not eligible as I'm not living in the UK

  • I'm going touring in France next week. I'm insured with Sports Cover Direct, £24 for a week.
    Seems OK, the policy is fairly standard and covers me for what I need.

  • I just called two insurers, ETA and Yellow Jersey. ETA only offers coverage for trips of up to 31 days, and Yellow Jersey 120 days.

    Finding a bit challenging to find good, cyclist-dedicated insurance for long-term touring.

  • Bump - any recommendations for short trips? I've left this very late, only going tomorrow - mostly just scared about baggage handlers and my bike!

    Is ETA the way to go? Bike is custom painted and I don't know if I'll be able to find a frame number, which seemingly makes the policy invalid.

  • I recently used Sportscover direct after doing a bit of research.

    You can select the exact activities for which you want cover, and one is cycle touring. You can also select camping and mountain biking which I did as we were bikepacking but that puts you into a more expensive group than just touring.

    They had good reviews online from people claiming and were also recommended by Ellis Brigham FWIW.

  • Thread dredge. @Polky did you have any problems with Sportscover direct? Anyone else have recommendations for annual cycle touring insurance for bike and travel insurance? So far Sports cover direct, Pedalcover and Cycling UK fit the bill... are there any others?

  • @Squaredisk I didn't need to claim anything on Sportscover direct but a quick Google seemed to say that people had good experiences - and I didn't find any bad reviews.

  • May not be relevant to everyone, but out of curiosity I checked if my existing bikmo policy would cover all my gear for trips away and it seems that it does. (I've emailed for more info / to check if there's a max amount of time you can be away).

    365 Worldwide
    Planning to take a trip to the Alps? Good luck. We’ll cover your bike & kit anywhere in the world whether you’re riding, racing, or in transit. Time to squeeze another training ride in?

    Seems like it could be pretty handy for trips away if you're like me and already have all your bikes, parts, accessories itemised on your policy covering all your kit, leaving a bit more flexibility for a more traditional travel insurance policy to cover anything medical.

  • Hi pizzarat,

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    Providing that you still have a fixed address in the UK, your policy covers you to travel worldwide with your bike for up to 365 days per year. You are covered for the exact same policy benefits as you would be at home, included being protected for any damage that might occur during transit. As well as this, you have an additional £500.00 cover for a bike specific box/bag.

  • (Thanks for the info @Polky) pizzarat; where I'm failing with it is that (I think) cycle touring is a specific activity that many standard travel insurance policies wouldn't cover. So therefore needing a specialist plan to cover it. Some of it seems to be in the technical wording of bike riding as a one off activity on holiday vs dedicated bike touring. Hence the slight headache and query here!

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Touring Insurance

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