• Aaaaand it’s here. Will be a slowish build. Need some nice Phil HS and BB stuff and who knows when that’s all gonna be getting made again. T

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  • Very nice Tom. How's the spider interface between the DA ring and the S75DD's on the black Affinity? Surprised my Sugino 75 ring doesn't sit perfectly with my S75DD cranks. I mean it's purely cosmetic but the spider is a little wider than the ring tabs which is enough to keep me up at night! Apparently Aarn are thicker as well so have a notable step on these cranks.

  • Cheers mate, appreciated. Aye it's the OG LowPro they made and it was one of the first as confirmed by Affinity themselves. Now I have two early edition bikes both made in Brooklyn so need a few pics once it's all put together ;) Waiting for Phil to start producing again but for now it'll just be a transfer of most things from the black one.
    Ah yeah I've heard of that issue. So a pic below of the interface on mine, not perfect but not too far off either. Zens fit spot on so they're always worth a shot.. Hope you're well and cheers. T

  • .

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  • Cheers Tom, yeah the 7600 looks a little cleaner than the S75, tough to find nice rings and not silly prices these days.

    That white Affinity is pretty special, nice bit of history on it for added appeal. All good here thanks, hope you're well and getting a bit more time of these days. When you have a minute update us on the 3 rensho & SBDU please!

  • Soooo.
    The Moots was driving me nuts over the past year .. couldn’t get comfortable. Back pain after a few miles. SMP at -5deg odd.. Just felt foreign sitting on it and peddling even after all this time, no matter what reach/stack and everything else I adjusted. Nothing like the Gangsta what I just sit on and it feels like a well worn glove.
    So back to scratch I went. Read Steve Goff’s SMP fitting guide and what do you know. A huge amount of lower back pain is due to the seat being too high.. down by 6mm and it’s like a new bike altogether. Seat comfy at -1.5deg, no wrist pain or hand numbness and most importantly no back pain at all.. call me stupid but it’s what I overlooked for so long because it ‘measured’ the same as the Gangsta but evidently crank length, setback and ultimately saddle height meant it was different. A lovely and pain free cycle now! So it’s always worth checking the small things I guess.
    Updates otherwise.
    Probably the last purple 1” CK thread less headset available in a shop has been ordered from Bluelug in Japan along with a very tidy SimWorks stem and Nitto handlebar for the new 1st edition Affinity.. gonna look pretty bling I think..
    Zipp/PW wheels are ready for the Gangsta. Just need to put them on and find matching black decals for the front.. It’s also gone to a Specialised saddle as it’s surprisingly comfy..
    A new(ish) beater with a coaster brake is in the pipeline..
    Oh and a custom designed backpack might be taking place... yet to see on that front :)
    Think that’ll do for now, should be concentrating on my finals instead!! T

  • Atom is tentatively up for sale as it's just gathering dust... Could potentially be brought up to London in the next few weeks. Thanks .T

  • Aaaaand it’s here ..

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  • That side clamp stem is a very beautiful bike part!

    Did you end up paying any import costs??

  • Having some issues with fit on my Moots too - no pain as such just immediate numbness in little finger and ring finger on both hands... the front end is much higher than my other bikes, need a shorter stem I think - got a 100mm Moots stem going spare? (I'll get a proper bike fit as well when I'm able)

  • Cheers man, thought it looked pretty unique. Should all come together nicely I think, they tend to use it on their Affinity’s over there. Aye got stung for everything full price, almost £100...

    @mattyc hey sorry to hear that. Their stack in general tends to be high compared to other bikes. Found that dropping the saddle height sorted the back. The Gangsta has quick a slack seat angle (72 but I measure 71) so more or less replicated that on the moots and numbness has gone. Maybe you’re leaning too much on the hands/are too far forward on them? Could also be elbow position/bend as that’s your ulnar nerve and it runs a very superficial course around the elbow and can be easily tweaked..

  • There’s gonna be some inter-bike jealousy going on here ;)

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  • Any bike frames, wheels, groupsets and parts from my threads can be brought to London tonight. Cheers. T

  • Some 1” threadless purpleisms to be fitted today..

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  • Slow progress..

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  • Can’t wait to see it (and your other projects) all built up. I genuinely live vicariously through this thread :))

  • Haha many thanks, I've always been a bad one to follow ;)
    It's almost there. Mainly need to chop the steerer soon. Stupidly didn't buy the proper Nitto spacers when I ordered the stem. Thy're very thin so match the stem perfectly. May have to import them at some pointsoon..
    Bar that the Moots has been sorted and finally feels like it fits me and rides beautifully..

  • More lovely bikes that you'll finish unlike me.

  • New cockpit on the affinity #issabeaut

    looking forward to the zippis

  • Great current projects thread!

    Is there pics of the Raleigh track? May have missed them on an earlier page

  • Me too I wanna see that Raleigh track

  • Sorry folks work has been mad.
    The Raleigh is unfortunately cleaned and waxed and in the loft in Scotland waiting for days I can build it and make it awesome again.
    Won an 853 Ron Cooper on eBay but a bit of a gamble as pics were crap and it may turn out to be a pile of rust..
    Think the Moots is dialled in at last. It’s a wonder what lowering the seat can do! Think I need a 15mm setback post though. The decision is between Hope and Beast. Anyone have any thoughts or experience between the two? Bar the (substantial) price difference and (marginal) weighweenie points with Beast, Hope seatposts seem decent plus liking the fact they’re British made..
    cheers and shall keep updates coming as time allows. T

  • That stem is lovely. Which model is it?

  • Thanks, appreciated. It’s a Nitto Fairweather MT-31

  • New bike day. A very sorry looking 853 Ron Cooper. Surprisingly light. Obviously needs a paint job. T

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Tom's bikes (Moots, Brooklyn Gangsta, 3Rensho(s), Cannondale Track, SBDU Raleigh track, Edison, Atom, Affinity)

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