• Sounds very promising. 1 inch threadless I take it? Any thoughts on bars/stem yet?

  • Thanks mate. It's a Wound Up but threaded, wanted to keep the original stem look on the Bish. Bought new but don't think it's going to get used now... I think I'm going to rewind the clock and go back to a mix of what I originally always wanted. Basically a mix of my first ever Talbot (which my bro now has a diligently abuses every day) and the pink Roberts. Basically going to commission G Roberts to build me an oversized steel, 44mm HT, fixed/SS disc-braked bike that takes muddies and everything else. Obviously painted pink. SHould do me for decades to come and satisy all cravings and negate more bike purchases ;) Due to this there may be a BIG clearout coming... T

  • JFC. Randomly stumbled across this post. That’s pretty much my dream stable right there, bmw, 3rensho, c-track. Maybe throw in a modern cervelo or BMC track for pure gluttony/dream stable purposes.
    I jelly. I really fuggin jelly.

  • Cheers, took a while to get together ;) Just to make sure I've ticked the boxes then there's a Moots Routt RSL coming through to tick of the road n=1 box ... Cheers! T

  • Love to see the toolbox. My tools are spread all over the place in random bags and tupperware. Need to sort it out...

  • Cheeres mate. Actually looking forward to it as much as the Moots! I've been dragging all my bike tools in about 5 holey bags for years so I've had enough and committed. Will post pics once it arrives. T

  • Toolbox. Best purchase ever.

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  • Oh anyone had any experience with a Pearson ONCE MORE UNTO THE BREACH frameset/bike? Cheers. T

  • Real nice. Digging the colour, easy to spot small items in the bottom! I see you too collect your old tooth brushes in your tool box

  • Thanks mate, best purchase I’ve made in ages! Haha aye they always come in handy for cleaning, it’s a waste throwing them out ;) T

  • Soooooo... A few minor changes. Bish has been (provisionally) sold.
    Brand new Wound Up track forks are for sale if anyone would like.

    V1 is about to undergo a complete stripdown.
    New chain
    New front tyre, new stem, new bars, CK Ti baseplate.

    Basically a big spruce up.
    It's going to be my only road going fixie for now as I'm trying to cut down on bikes. This obviously doesn't include the collectables ;)
    Moots is still being awaited on, parts are being collected, however.
    Pics will come as the parts arrive. T

  • The nice thing about having only one (track/daily ride) bike to focus on is that you can spoil it ;)
    New Super Toughness chain ordered.
    The breakdown and buildup will begin this weekend.
    Hopefully.. Work dependent.. T

  • Nice. Be keen to hear some feedback on the ST chain with a EAI cog. Fancy one myself but keep getting put off by rumours of loud drivetrains

  • Hmmm thoughts? With WoundUp..

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  • Steel is real

  • original fork looks lovely

  • Cheers folks,will see how it goes..
    Well this is done for now.
    Cleaned and de-greased/re-greased. Thoroughly framesaved. JP Weigel's best.
    Steerer tube de-rusted and sprayed, cut down 2mm and JP'd.
    CK Ti baseplate.
    Enve Compacts
    X2 stem with black Ti bolts and washers.
    New NJS Super Toughness chain and drivetrain thoroughly cleaned. BB was a push to get out.
    Time Atac XC12 Ti pedals
    New front tyre (Black Edition 4Seasons 28mm) and tubes (correct valve length this time..)
    Might pop the Cane Creek hoods on at some point but will see how it rides.. Smooth as butter currently, well worth the effort! T

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  • Looking great Tom, pink Salsa lip lock?

  • Thanks mate, appreciated. Oh could be a good shout, will have a look into it ;)
    Think handlebars need a tiny bit of rotating and a shake down ride tomo.. Just love this bike! T

  • Got me this before the Moots comes which is god-knows-when. Really nice wee bike bar the seatpost being stuck but almost at my level so it'll do for now. bars have obviously been rotated since ;) T

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  • It’s a weird one this. Same colour scheme as the ‘87 Allez but doesn’t have TT routing and this one has the ‘94 fastback stays. Also can’t find a ‘Team’ mode like this one anywhere online. Might be an S-Works due to the ‘S’ it’s got on it? Anyone who could shed some light on it would be much appreciated. Ordered caustic soda for the seatpost, can’t get it out for love nor money. T

  • It’s strange it’s also got rear rack mounts.

  • Agreed. One model in the ‘94 catalogue has them but when u search online some do and some don’t. The actual frame material is the same across the whole range of these Allez’. T

  • Seatpost needs dissolving out, caustic soda ordered.. Gonna take a while unfortunately.
    Currently stripping, cleaning and sorting out the rest of the stuff. Surprisingly very good condition everything, doubt it's been used much. Going to keep the groupset and wheels for now.
    Next thing ordered is a Hylix ChinaCarbonzzzz fork and internal bung, feel it needs some lightening down. Nice and straight, could look good. Just need a HS and 1" ahead stem, the latter may be an issue to find something nice and streamline..
    Don't know why but just really love the frame and build, just works and feels nice. T

  • Allez looks like a great project.

    Not sure on the forks but we'll see... You thinking steel or alloy 1" ahead stem?

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