• Yesterday's arrivals.
    NOS Cinelli Grammo Ti stem in hard to find 115mm. A possible change for the Bishop when it comes back and I decide to ride it.
    Missing puzzle part 48t NJS Campag for the 3R. Weirdly the logo is lasered on the back of the ring which none of the previous ones have had so not quite sure what's going on there. Either way, bar a 54t, the set is complete now.
    Plus I put my ankle out yesterday so I can't even walk not to mention cycle. No idea when I'll be back on a bike again and if I'll even be able to ride fixed properly. Fun times :/!!

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  • Major! Haul of rare bits. Pics coming :)

  • Bishop back. New Vaaru Fatcreations painted hopefully in the pipelines. Gonna be an expensive Xmas!

  • No doubt it’s going to be interesting. Pictures please :)

  • Should be good ;)
    So here's a simple start. Bishop is back and looks solid and pretty sweet. Either primer and clear or just straight up clear. There's a chance it may end up with WoundUps and the Cinelli Grammo Ti ahead stem. Will see. More to come..

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  • The final part of the seatpost puzzle. 27.0
    Now have all three sizes. 26.8, 27.0 and 27.2
    Only shame it isn't NOS like the others but hey ;)
    Best two bits waiting till last. Still have to collect one..
    Frame saved the Bishop and bought some clear lacquer so should have it built up in the next few weeks. Not that I can ride it with my ankle though. Also need to figure out if I’m going to buy a WoundUp for it..

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  • It’s great that you got the frame sorted and now back with you. I think clear lacquer would look great, it also adds patina!

  • Thanks man. Yeah happy to have it back, worthwhile having it sorted out. Now to build it up as a mega expensive rat ;)

  • Hmmmm... with threadless WoundUps??

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  • The Klein with threadless wound ups in the MGOOF thread might be a good reference point and changed my opinion on them in general. The silver crown would work well with your frame but as you know i still think the OG fork and Pearl look bang on.

    Do you have a pic with the Zipp 202 on? Are you gonna get a matching rear rim?

  • Thanks mate. Aye agreed, that Klein is very nice. I'll see, the Grammo gives it a very high stack appearance even though it works out the same as a quill stem. The threaded HS and quill break up the look of the stack a bit better though..
    I'll post some once it's rebuilt, hopefully this weekend. I've had a DCR/Mack hub rear rebuild so whilst not carbon it's pretty bombproof and looks the part. Maybe one day if I find a nice 202 rim floating about...! T

  • Aaaaand the two final bits. Makes for a complete s75 road groupset. HS is near mint and British thread. Seatpost mild use and tiny bit of peeling to the sticker but hey, try find another! If I land up on a carbon chainring and bar tape then added bonus but no big rush. Now to sort out the rest of the 3R!

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  • ain't that a tioga carbon seatpost with a different decal? i have a tioga you can have for postage if you need spares (26.8 iirc)


  • Morning and cheers for the info. It could well be. Sugino rebranded quite a few components for the road groupset. For example the brakes are made by DiaCompe, derailleurs Suntour. It wouldn't surprise me re the seatpost. I'd love to take you up on that offer if you're happy to let it go? Much appreciated and I'll PM you regarding it.
    Now to do some work on the Bishop..

  • who does the repairations on the Bishop ?

  • It was Geoff Roberts. He checked the other seatstay and the rest of the frame and said it all looked fine.. Fingers crossed!

  • He's an absolute gentleman aswell, would highly recommend him in all bike life aspects.

  • sure. yours if i can find it :)

  • Well done on getting the full group, especially the seatpost with sticker intact. Might be worth taping over with clear tape so it keeps the text?

    Also plzz let me have the 26.8 post? I need one that size for my Aende with sug75 group :-P can offer you some sugino 75 tape as part exchange ha

  • Many thanks, appreciated. Please send it over to BigH if that'd be ok? He's going to put it to more use than I will atm.
    @BigH as per above, hope it does the trick. If you have any spare Sug bartape I'd happily take it off your hands for whatever you're asking.
    Cheers! T

  • Just found an ITM Krystal Ti stem in 110mm, been looking one for a while. Think this may be paired with a threaded WoundUp in the future. Think you're right @jono84, needs the quill stem thing going on..

  • Not sure where you get this idea of the mega expensive rat bike... But happy to see it back in one piece and almost on wheels ! haha Work looks very proper
    Think I can help for the Woundup, if you decide to go for one ...

  • Hey there. Ach only because the frame and all components have cost a fortune. And that the frame has been beat! As long as it works is the main thing! Oooh what forks do you have? Could well be interested.. Hope you're well mate and cheers .T

  • Bishop rebuild morning today..
    The seatpost binder went walkies so replaced it with this Sugino one I had lying around. It also has a key on the NDS to stop it rotating in the seatclamp (as per pic above), old one didn't so was a pain to adjust.

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