• Pics or it didn't happen!

  • Deeeeeeep drops. They ride beautiful though. Still debating a Ti stem but no doubt it’ll be flexible as feck compared to the Nitto. Still weight gains. A few big changes coming for the Bishop soon..
    On another note all I need for the Edison is a seatpost, the rest is sorted. It’s gonna be good! T

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  • Brooklyn is back in action on the streets of Portsmouth. Few minor changes. Longer stem and back to the original Thomson seatpost clamp system due to major POP failure! Drivechain completely cleaned and re-greased ready for winter. It’s lovely to ride on, genuinely cannot fault it.

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  • Seatpost has arrived, final bit in the build. Looks like it’ll be about 2cm too short for me to ride though due to minimum insertion length. Oh well, will make a nice ornament if it goes that way ;) loving the old fashioned stamping etc, matches up w the DA HS I found and also the DA10pitch gruppo. Full build and parts pics coming soon...ish. T

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  • @tomsvoboda very nice DA ensemble, I can’t remember the Edison frameset, could you post a picture..?

    I also had a 10 pitch group set waiting in the box, need to find a lockring tough..
    i was also thinking of a flutted DA seatpost and DA EX headset..

    Curious to see how your project turns out..

    You had 36 hole hubset version ?

  • Many thanks, appreciated. It's this one here that was on sale on the forum a while ago. Loved the details on it and also the splashes of pink, pretty unique.
    Ah hope you find the lockring ok,they're not the easiest part to come by.. I'm looking a front hub so I know the struggles you're facing ;) The DA10 gruppo is so nice IRL, really different and so well made. I think the above cockpit etc comliments it really well and is also pretty much period correct.
    Pretty sure it's the 36h version, will be digging it out this weekend if all goes to plan and shall post pics. Cheers. T

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  • A 200g saving on wheels costing a mere £1000 for the Bishop. Almost a bargain some would say ;) A few Ti bits and bobs still to come.

  • Byebye bishop :(((

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  • Nooo! What happened?

  • Surely that’s fixable

  • Ach no idea. Started making weird noises on the way home and this is the result. I’d imagine it is fixable but I’m so pedantic w my bikes I’m not sure I’d be happy w it anymore after :/ it may go up for sale if anyone is looking a cheap Bishop.. totally gutted obviously. T

  • That seems a bit drastic. Send it back to bishop for fix and full repaint?

  • Bishop should stand for his work and replace it for free, imo

  • Cheers folks. I've taken some better shots and will email Bishop today to see what he says..It's just anightmare with shipping and tax and all that stuff unless it gets covered.. Will letchya all know... T

  • Wow, that's a shame :(

  • Hope that gets resolved, it's a very strange place to have such a failure, it should be a no brainer replacement.

    Can totally understand being pedantic and unhappy, but depending on the outcome, lookin on the brightside you can consider new paint job, new bike, new project opportunities.

  • Ergh

  • Cheers folks. I agree and still waiting to hear back from him.
    It is but a bike in the end, something good will come from it.
    Currently the decision is a blue Ctrack or titanium Panasonic track frame. The choices are tough...

  • Or I could just ride my polished ctrack but it’s in such good condition that it’s almost a shame..

  • It's a bike, not jewelry, ride the bloody thing. Shit about the Bishop though, hope a resolution can be found.

  • True that mate, no point it gathering dust. Plus it leaves me with money to get WoundUps, colourful CK bits and Ti stems for it ;)
    Aye Bishop normally answered immediately, gone all quiet suddenly..

  • Maybe post on Instagram / Facebook / Reddit, I'm sure someone will get back to you quickly. This is not a common place for a bike to crack for sure

    I still remember your Lo-Pro! Just gathering offers :) Hope the Bishop gets better soon, I'm sure it's easy to fix

  • Thanks bro, Bishop has been in touch. If you're still interested in the lopro then just give me a shout. I'm on a bike, wheel and everything else wrapping and delivering mission this week!

    So. Bishop apologised as he's mega busy working on a show. He's never been anything bar nice previously so was good to hear back from him. He said he's not had a single bike ever fail on him and he's built hundreds so was surprised it happened. He had no real explanation as to why it happened but thought it may be the seatbag cantilvering it. Whilst I'm no bike builder then I seriously doubt it seing it weighsapprox 1-1.5kg and it has the same effect on it like a rider would who weighs a heck of a lot more. I'm 72kg so also not the fattest of the lot..
    ANyways, if I pay for postage then he said he'll fix it for free. I've also talked to G Roberts and he was also happy sorting it for a nominal price. Considering the price of posting to the USA and back plus no doubt I'll get stung for customs (even though I'd fight them for it and it'd no doubt take ages) and the time it'd take I think I'm going to go with GR.
    If anyone has any thoughts on this then they'dbe hugely appreciated, thanks. There's a high chance I'll be selling it after as my Ctrack is exactly the same size and dimensions (Bishop built it based on the ctrack) and that needs a good thrashing. WIll see though once all is done and dusted.
    On other notes my Holdsworth is receiving a USE Ultimate Alien Carbon seatpost. I'm strongly trying to resist buying some nice wheels and etap for it but still considering a Moots disc RSL so can't commit as of yet.
    Tough life is bike life! T

  • It's a tough call but the easiest/best option imo is getting it fixed locally, clear coating it and keeping it. You've invested money into a frame that fits you from a high end frame builder and have enjoyed the ride quality, why lose money from selling? Ride the shit out of it and never look back.

  • Might be worth asking if Bishop would cover the cost of getting it repaired locally? Imagine a local frame builder could repair it for what it would cost to ship the frame to Bishop and then back to you.

    But then I guess bishop would also repaint the seat stays?

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