• Ok just so I’m not accused of slacking.
    On the left is the S75 gruppo. Needs the carbon seatpost, a Sug HS and decide what BB to go for.
    Middle Suntour superb track BB and HS for the ctrack.
    Left Suntour NJS 1st gen HS and front hub. Any parts for the latter gladly accepted.
    The campag NJS chainring 49t only coz it was cheap.
    Let the collections continue!!

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  • White hoods for the Sug levers.. V Nice!

  • Cheers mate and aye, totally agree. WIll see what they say on Monday once it's taken to the body shop and put on some rollers. Headlights are perspex so need a good polish every year or two, I've owned it since 2006 so they've had a few polishes ;) Rocker def needs a paint or updating with an original one, keeping an eye out for that! T

  • A week downhilling in Czech Republic. Not quite Fort William but a great laugh and an escape from the hospital for once. Bikes were proper tanks but actually not as bad as they could be considering they were rental. Reality unfortunately beckons soon..!

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  • The Holdsworth is go! It’s first proper outing today so quite a few adjustments in route but it’s getting there. Obviously weight weenie parts are yet to come but only after I have the fit right. Turns out I’ve been riding bikes that are too small and I’ve been properly cramped on them.
    Having big issues with the Red brakes though so that’ll require some looking into and adjustment.
    Currently stands at 8.3kg so not all that bad.. Already having ideas of having the rsame air brake internally routed, braze ons removed to make way for etap and a blacked out paint scheme. Not until I put a few miles on it though and am finally happy with it all!

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  • nice! 8.3kgs is a pretty decent start for a steel frame. Excited to see it with a different paintjob. The standard paint schemes let it down a bit. Great value though it seems

  • Thanks, appreciated. It really is great value for money as I can’t fault the ride and handling. It’s also nice to have something made from Spirit steel. Agreed re the paint scheme so that’s something I’ll sort once I’m happy with the frame and know I’ll be keeping it. Otherwise I reckon almost a kg can be shaved off once I start splashing the cash at it ;) cheers. T

  • Pulled the SBDU Raleigh track bike apart today and gave it a good scrub and degrease. Waiting for it to dry before I detail and wax it. Headset is currently being degreased and shall be re-installed later. Then it’ll be a mission to find all original parts as per catalogue. Another ongoing project :) t

  • Hmm so the HS is a Campag Record Strada. Anyone have any ideas if 531’s came with that or an actual Campag Record Pista one? Detailed information and catalogue pages is/are few and far between. Cheers. T

  • Got the seat setback nicely dialled in at 10deg so that feels comfy and haven’t had to move it for the past few rides. Popped on a -12deg 110mm Extralite stem (instead of 120mm 6deg) and finally trimmed the steerer tube slightly so shall see how it goes. Loving the bike!

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  • Hi Tom, I’m sure you know about this blog already but just in case you don’t - this guy Neil seems to know absolutely everything about Raleigh SBDU, he might be able to help with the headset spec!


  • Birthday 45 miles of London cycles and beers yesterday. Miss this place!!

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  • So good! One of my favourite forum bikes. Dat forkcrown <3

  • Thanks mate, really is a stunner and they’re great to look down on while cycling. Think I’ve got it dialled in just right, the cycle was super smooth and pleasant. Got some rare-ish Kestrel 26.0 carbon drops coming for it and a pile of Ti bolts and bits. Debating a carbon front wheel and was also thinking a WoundUp but these forks are too pretty so swap out! T

  • Bishop is awesome, that's a lot of setback you have there!

    Original fork over wound ups for me. Matching tyres would improve it IMO. what gear you running?

  • Cheers mate. Aye the ST is 75deg so running just under 25mm setback. It works out perfectly for my legs and the Holdsworth is 73deg with 10mm setback so almost the same for both. Rear tyre is just a burner for skids so it’ll probably be black for next time round. 52/18 currently so gets me up most climbs. Just ordered a brand new Zipp 202 front wheel so hopefully it’ll sit well. If not it’s going onto the Holdsworth ;) !

  • A little weight weenie addition for the Bish. Scales are broke so can’t weigh them but feel damn lighter than the Piegas. Also pretty rare being 26.0 and carbon, straight outta the USA. Not sure about the bend on them yet but will see.

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  • Complete set of Ti bolts has arrived as has the Zipp 202 which quite frankly looks and feels insane. Ordered a new 28h single fixed Mack hub so think that’ll be it almost there after that. T

  • Aaaand for the Edison. Almost new DA 7300 bars, on the rarer side of things I’d say. Now just need the 7200 seatpost to match the stem..

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  • That's some rare stuff!

  • wow nice find!!

  • DA7200 Seatpost ? what sise ?

  • Cheers boys. Nothing reasonably priced in Europe so checked in Japan and got these for a very decent price (relatively!). Just need the bar end caps but that’s a whole different story..
    @gaston 27.2 please. You have one ;)?
    Thanks. T

  • No 26,4... have a 7403 27,2

  • Ah shame, need a 7200 27.2 only as it matches the stem. Love the engraving on all the bits, not seen any more these days.
    On another note fitted the Kestrels onto the Bishop. Slightly more reach so it’s nice to have the stretch when required. Also ironed out a lot of road vibrations and a good bit lighter. Very chuffed with them!

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