• God damn that's one good looking bike.

  • so rad. need proper pics tho!

  • the super thin wishbone stay looks wrong and i would have fear to ride it

  • Beautiful! Other than having to mess around with spacers and axles is there any disadvantage to having 130 spacing on a fixed bike?

  • Cheers folks. She goes like a bat out of hell.
    Hekla, the thin seatstays are there to reduce road vibrations. The chainstays are so big there's no chance of snapping them. Lots of new bikes design their bikes like this.
    nohwolf, thanks! There aren't any really. The only small niggle I have is if you use very narrow Q factor cranks your heels can slightly catch on the chainstays if you're not careful but not really a big issue.

  • That's the kinda bike you wanna go really fast on, but no brakes?

  • Drilled front. Direct mount rear brake on the chainstays. Covering myself for the future when my knees go ;)

  • Did you build up the 3Rensho yet? That's a stunning looking frame.

  • Lots to do on it. Front wheel is off getting sorted, that's the main bit. Otherwise upgrades as monies allow ;)

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  • Nice. Do like the Talbot badge on the seat tube too. Nice touch.

  • Talbot pile

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  • Drivetrain. Sorted.

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  • Looks hawt. Would rotate the chainring to make it look like this though.

    • < insert dollar bills gif > *
  • lol even that's not right, need to be advanced one bolt-hole forward towards the crank.

  • need to be advanced one bolt-hole forward towards the crank.

    I would agree this is the most esthetically pleasing orientation, however (practically) all the pictures I find on the web have it like the picture I linked (including tracksupermarket.com). So I would presume that's the 'right' orientation, no?

  • you might be right. s'like that on the Sugino website and all

  • Cheers for the info boys, shall get it sorted. In the meantime here's one more..

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  • Shieet I'm jealous! Really nice stable :) How's the rear end of the new Talbot ride?

  • Says the guy who got a custom.

  • Cheers! It rides beautifully. Super still but soaks up the bumps no issues. Accelerates like mad and very nimble but not overly twitchy. Fit is spot on. Sub 7kg with more scope for less. Really can't complain!

  • Ass saver becomes foot saver. Actually works pretty damn well.

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  • might need to try that out

  • New bar day, such a difference! Also 400g weight saving over previous setup. The more I ride this bike the more I love it.

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  • .

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