• So I thought I'd put together a wee thread to chronicle my bikes, current and past. It'll be a slowly added to thread as and when I get round to doing it..
    Here we go!

    2015 Talbot Frameworks Path Racer
    My new baby, collected from Talbot in person. 6 months of design and wait and finally have her. Currently built from parts box (bar cranks and saddle) so lots of upgrades and changes to come.
    First bit of advice though I need is hub choice. So the rear spacing is 130mm (to allow SS and discs at some point) and I'd like to find a fixed/fixed hub with an axle that fits. I want some thing good and something I don't need to use spacers with. Currently the two I've found are Goldtec Pros and Chub hub. Any other ideas or suggestions? Almost certainly going to lace them to Archetypes as they've never let me down but any good ideas are welcome.

    1987 3Rensho Super Export Katana Track
    1987 3Rensho Export Katana Track from ex-Keirin champ Masamitsu 'The Monster' Takizawa.
    Fully chromed underneath paint
    Ohtsuya bent bottom bracket
    Yoshi Superend dropouts
    Aero blades with unique blue----chrome fade
    Full Campagnolo C-Record NJS and Cinelli NJS components. Only too 3 years plus to find ;)

    A pic of some of the family..

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  • this thread's gonna have most of the forum red with envy, needs pics asap!

    hubs, how about Mack's? could get fixed thread on one side with disc on the other, so you can run fix/fix with a bolt on cog, and then swap to disc and ss when you want

  • Haha all good things come to those who wait..
    Good idea re Mack but I don't think it'd work as you'd need the SS on the opposite side of the disc adaptor and you wouldn't be able to fit the cog/lockring on the side of the disc.
    Was thinking a dedicated fixed wheelset and then a SS number (Chris King) in the future.
    Also need to decide on a dynamo light system. First world problems ;)

  • I think you've missed what he meant.

    He's saying have a flash version of the Surly hub made:

    That way you can put a SS freewheel on the threaded side and a disc brake on the other, or put a fixed cog plus lock ring on the threaded side and a bolt-on cog on the other.

    Your also be able to run a fixed gear and disc brake if you fancy.

  • yeah pretty much that haha, couldn't remember if surly's came in 130mm, still, this bike looks so nice it deserves black macks with a matchy matchy stripe!

  • A change has happened..

  • This thread needs more pics. Many more pics

  • ^agreed. Will try and oblige. Here's one for now. Talbot upgrades.

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  • Heavy pic trolling bump ;)

  • Current setup. New cranks, saddle and pedals. Absolutely beautiful ride. Next is new rear wheel with a chainline to match the 75DDs. Going for a fixed only hub so edging towards a goldtec pro on HPlus Archetype as I can't fault the rim..

  • ..

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  • Low flange double fixed Mack hubs ordered to match the chainline and 130mm rear axle. Shall be built on Pasela SL25's with (most likely) Sapin CXray spokes..
    Also enquiring about SS disc hubs from him.
    Think I've got it dialled in just right so just trying a different seatpost and Cane Creek Stoker levers as the SRAM ones rattle too much without cabling. People always pull them when bike is locked up and the tape to keep them in place gets ripped... No win!
    Debating about new colour scheme and rebuild on Brooklyn too. Probably matt black and S75DD's..

  • You won't regret the Macks, got them on my V1 and histogram and besides being minimalistically beautiful, most importantly, they spin for days & days. Tough ones too.
    Painting your V1 matt black though might not be the best idea, too many of those around etc...
    Besides the early orange-colored ones with the external headsets are obviously faster. Ask Austin Horse, I'm sure he'll agree!

  • I'm sure I've seen that chrome Cannondale around soho a fair few times. Still nursing wood since the first time I spotted it. Is that you by any chance?

  • ^^ cheers man. I had a pair of Macks which I now regret letting go. AMazing hubs both in quality and looks especially for that money. Will see how the V1 goes, got too many projects and not enough money right now ;)

    ^Not mine, I live in Southampton these days. They are pretty sweet, wish I had a matching blue and green to go alongside ;)

  • Yeah boi!

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  • Show them some sun ;)

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  • Just as an incentive for the next few weeks...

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  • That where the mack wheels will go?

  • The plot thickens.

    Track fork ends, but is that an internal cabling hole in the downtube?

  • Another fixed tourer?

  • Subscribed. I'm just here to look at the lovely bikes

  • Yup Macks go on that.
    Basically a track bike but with internally run rear brake if the time ever comes. Shall be chainstay mounted.
    Mad colorz scheme coming!

  • 6.7kg of steel love. Not even gone weight weenie on it yet. Front wheel had to go back to Mack unfortunately as there was play in the axle.

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  • Looks awesome. If you don't mind me asking, how much did the F+F set you back?

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