GUYZ! Pop up OWL BAR coming to London

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  • Yes. An owl bar. A bar, with owls.

  • owl thread >>>>>

  • I can't help but think that this is a terrible idea. Poor owls. Why would they want to hang out in a bar in soho? We've destroyed enough of their habitat already without making them endure our shitty habitats.
    I know it's to raise money for the Barn Owl Trust but I think if people really want to support owls then they should donate to charities/sanctuaries that work with owls, and people who live in the countryside should also try to make their gardens owl-friendly.

  • to wit

  • can we have a pop up bear please?

  • I'm with @hats on this one, Owls are awesome and need our help, but they don't belong in a soho bar full of hipsters.

    Next it'll be a fucking bee cafe.

  • I do think it's madness. I don't think there's enough detail on it. I'm not applying for tix because I don't have enough info on owl well being.
    However, if it gets people thinking about owls and conservation then that's a plus side.
    I don't know quite how I feel about it. I just saw owls and got excited.

    There are already a crap load of weird cafes out there. Like the cat cafe. Surely all the cats are just going to hide. I would.

  • I hate cafes

  • ^^ I hate the cat cafe too... There are enough cat adoption places in London, that don't have enough volunteers to socialise with the cats, that really appreciate people coming in to hang out with the cats, especially if it can be regularly so they can make friends with you.

  • True. And although I'm not convinced that cats are solitary creatures (at least mine isn't. He loves people and other cats) it doesn't seem right to me to have so many of them in one small property. That twinned with lots of different people traipsing in and out would surely by quite stressful.

  • Here's what professional falconers think about it - a really bad idea, not good for the a owls and all about making hipster twats cash. You can sign the petition to get it stopped.


  • Interesting to see that someone thinks they know some of the owls in question and that theit owner wouldn't want to participate. And very worrying.

  • Also very interesting to see the Change petitions breakdown of what the evenings would be like. I didn't see that info anywhere before.
    50 people for two hours, then another group etc, and being able to actually tough them ? That's utter madness.
    That's just downright cruel.
    from the website and press I would not have expected that kind of a set up at all.

  • Always a good plan to have some of the greatest Hunters ever created confined in a room with crazy humans.

    They are pretty cute though, the small ones anyway, the big ones are fucking terrifying

  • I'm with @hats on this too. I was very excited to see owls at first but do think it is extremely cruel.

  • Yeah, my initial excitement at seeing the word OWL has been severely diminished. The more I read the more it sounds like a really horrid thing to do.
    Hopefully the petition will get it stopped.

  • .

  • The more info I see the sadder it makes me.

    I missed the owl ride last time. Could we maybe do another owl ride to the barn owl centre or another sanctuary?

  • I didn't realise how far away they are. Drat

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GUYZ! Pop up OWL BAR coming to London

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